The Beer Wench s Guide to Beer

Filename: the-beer-wench-s-guide-to-beer.pdf
ISBN: 9780760347300
Release Date: 2015-06-01
Number of pages: 256
Author: Ashley V. Routson
Publisher: Voyageur Press (MN)

Download and read online The Beer Wench s Guide to Beer in PDF and EPUB "Leveraging her love and knowledge of fine beer, Ashley Routson's book highlights how and why craft beer is such a popular (and growing) industry"--

The Ontario Craft Beer Guide

Filename: the-ontario-craft-beer-guide.pdf
ISBN: 9781459739307
Release Date: 2017-05-20
Number of pages: 640
Author: Robin LeBlanc
Publisher: Dundurn

Download and read online The Ontario Craft Beer Guide in PDF and EPUB An indispensable guide to the heady world of Ontario’s craft beer revival, the expanded second edition of The Ontario Craft Beer Guide adds nearly 100 outstanding new breweries. For newcomers and aficionados alike, experts Jordan St. John and Robin LeBlanc guide you through the booming craft beer scene to your new favourite pint.

Goodnight Brew

Filename: goodnight-brew.pdf
ISBN: 9781934649572
Release Date: 2014-09-23
Number of pages: 32
Author: Karla Oceanak
Publisher: Bailiwick Press

Download and read online Goodnight Brew in PDF and EPUB It’s closing time at the brewery. While the moon rises, the happy crew sings and dances as they wind down for the day. Join them in saying goodnight to the beer-making equipment, brew ingredients, and styles of suds. This humorous parody of a children's literature classic is a "pitcher book" for grown-ups. It's the perfect anytime story for beer lovers everywhere!

Beer Pairing

Filename: beer-pairing.pdf
ISBN: 9780760348437
Release Date: 2015-12-01
Number of pages: 216
Author: Julia Herz
Publisher: Voyageur Press (MN)

Download and read online Beer Pairing in PDF and EPUB "A resource guide for both beginners and beer geeks explaining beer styles and characteristics, taste elements, interactions, and providing specific food pairings"--

Quality Management

Filename: quality-management.pdf
ISBN: 9781938469206
Release Date: 2015-10-07
Number of pages: 200
Author: Mary Pellettieri
Publisher: Brewers Publications

Download and read online Quality Management in PDF and EPUB Craft beer sales are flourishing across the U.S. and without a continual emphasis on producing the highest quality beer, the health of the entire craft brewing industry is in jeopardy. Proper quality management for small, regional, and national breweries is critical. This guidebook decodes how to create and manage a quality system in a brewery. Written for staff who manage quality in breweries of all types and sizes—new and established alike—this book affords an understanding of how quality management is integrated into every level of the operation. Whether you are lab staff, production staff, part of a quality team, or a brewmaster wearing many hats, this book will help you develop a comprehensive program that will grow with your brewery and help ensure quality processes along the way—so you can continue to provide great beer for your fans.

The Thinking Person s Guide to Sobriety

Filename: the-thinking-person-s-guide-to-sobriety.pdf
ISBN: 0312254288
Release Date: 2000-01-10
Number of pages: 256
Author: Bert Pluymen
Publisher: Macmillan

Download and read online The Thinking Person s Guide to Sobriety in PDF and EPUB A collection of stories by recovering alcoholics explores the painful road to recovery and the day-to-day struggle to remain sober

The Beer Bible

Filename: the-beer-bible.pdf
ISBN: 9780761184287
Release Date: 2015-08-11
Number of pages: 720
Author: Jeff Alworth
Publisher: Workman Publishing

Download and read online The Beer Bible in PDF and EPUB Winner of a 2016 IACP Award The ultimate reader- and drinker-friendly guide to the world’s ales and beers, and the book that approaches the subject in the same way beer lovers do—by style, just like a welcoming pub menu. Divided into four major families—ales, lagers, wheat beers, and sour and wild ales—The Beer Bible covers everything a beer drinker wants to know about the hundreds of types of beers made, from bitters, sessions, and IPAs to weisses, wits, lambics, and more. Each style is a chapter unto itself, delving into origins, ingredients, description and characteristics, sub-styles, and tasting notes, and ending with a recommended list of the beers to know in each category. Infographic charts throughout make understanding the connection between styles and families immediately understandable. The book is written for passionate beginners, who will love its “if you like X, try Y” feature; for intermediate beer lovers eager to go deeper; and for true geeks, who will find new information on every page.

The Canadian Craft Beer Cookbook

Filename: the-canadian-craft-beer-cookbook.pdf
ISBN: 1770501932
Release Date: 2013-12-15
Number of pages: 184
Author: David Ort
Publisher: Whitecap Books Limited

Download and read online The Canadian Craft Beer Cookbook in PDF and EPUB David Ort, author of the popular blog Food with Legs, gives us a lively and engaging introduction to craft beer as well as an across-the-board set of recipes that use craft beer as an ingredient. Starters and snacks, noodles and rice, seafood and meat and poultry, even beer cocktails and sweets and desserts make an appearance (Oak-Aged Old-Ale Ice Cream, anyone?). Dishes such as Beer Fondue and Currywurst are new twists on old classics. The Beer Pantry section has mouth-watering condiments: Pumpkin Ale Mustard and Wild Beer Vinegar, to name just two. Each recipe includes a recommendation for a specific Canadian craft beer as the beer ingredient. With profiles of craft-beer makers across Canada, The Canadian Craft Beer Cookbook is ideal for craft-beer experts and novices, and for anyone who delights in ramping up the taste of their favourite dishes with something different.


Filename: beerology.pdf
ISBN: 9780449016138
Release Date: 2014-05-27
Number of pages: 192
Author: Mirella Amato
Publisher: Appetite by Random House

Download and read online Beerology in PDF and EPUB If you’ve ever experienced the pleasure of a pint, Beerology is the ultimate guide to exploring, understanding and enjoying the world of beer. THERE IS a beer for every mood, food and occasion. And, with the growing number of beer festivals popping up worldwide, beer is finally getting the attention and appreciation it deserves. For the average beer lover, the overwhelming choices, brewing styles and traditions can be confusing to say the least. Enter beer specialist Mirella Amato - one of only seven Certified Master Cicerones (beer sommeliers) in the world. With an advanced brewing certificate behind her, readers will be in expert hands as they navigate the multifaceted world of beer, guided by Amato's refreshingly accessible style. Broken down into fun, easy-to-read chapters, Beerology starts with an introduction to beer and tips on storage and cellaring, then leads into a guide on tasting. Amato presents beer styles in four groups—Refreshing, Mellow, Striking, and Captivating—covering everything from the history and origins of specific brews, to brands that exemplify each type. She then gives tips on hosting beer-tasting parties at home, complete with beer games, and includes a chapter dedicated to beer cocktails (who’s in for a delicious cucumber Pils?). Her original take on pairing beer with food—including chocolate and cheese—is perfect for anyone with an inquisitive mind and an epicurean streak.

Europe on 5 Wrong Turns a Day

Filename: europe-on-5-wrong-turns-a-day.pdf
ISBN: 9781101561423
Release Date: 2012-04-03
Number of pages: 288
Author: Douglas S. Mack
Publisher: Penguin

Download and read online Europe on 5 Wrong Turns a Day in PDF and EPUB Prepare to Get Lost on the Beaten Path... When Doug Mack picked up a 1963 edition of Europe on Five Dollars a Day, he stumbled on an inspired idea: to boldly go where millions have gone before, relying only on the advice of a travel guide that's nearly a half century out-of-date. Add to the mix his mother's much- documented grand tour through Europe in the late 1960s, and the result is a funny and fascinating journey into a new (old) world, and a disarming look at the ways the classic tourist experience has changed- and has not-in the last generation. After a whirlwind adventure spanning eight countries-and costing way more than five dollars a day-Mack's endearing account is part time travel, part paean to Arthur Frommer's much-loved guide, and a celebration of the modern traveler's grand (and not-so-grand) tour.

Sherwood Nation

Filename: sherwood-nation.pdf
ISBN: 9781618730879
Release Date: 2014-08-18
Number of pages: 400
Author: Benjamin Parzybok
Publisher: Small Beer Press

Download and read online Sherwood Nation in PDF and EPUB During a prolonged drought, Portland, Oregon, begins to fall apart. One neighborhood, led by a Robinhood-esque woman, secedes.

Brewing Battles

Filename: brewing-battles.pdf
ISBN: 0875865747
Release Date: 2008
Number of pages: 229
Author: Amy Mittelman
Publisher: Algora Publishing

Download and read online Brewing Battles in PDF and EPUB Publisher's description -- Brewing Battles is the comprehensive story of American beer and the American brewing industry, from its colonial beginnings to the present. Although todayU+2019s beer companies have their roots in pre-Prohibition business, historical developments since Repeal have affected the industry over all, from individual brewers like Anheuser-Busch to the micro-brewers, and have influenced the tastes and habits of beer-drinking consumers as well. This book explains beer as a business and as a pleasure in America .

The Belgian beerbook

Filename: the-belgian-beerbook.pdf
ISBN: 9789401440707
Release Date: 2016-09-20
Number of pages:
Author: Erik Verdonck
Publisher: Lannoo Meulenhoff - Belgium

Download and read online The Belgian beerbook in PDF and EPUB The ultimate book on Belgian beer The Belgian Beer Book is a handy compass to guide you on your travels across our beer country of Belgium. Take a look with us at Belgian café culture and share our personal selection of specialty beer cafés. We dissect the secrets of the brewing process which takes us seamlessly to the hugely popular final product that we categorise in various beer styles and beer types. Do not expect any lists or rankings but you can look forward to an interpretation and taste analysis of no fewer than 133 beers. Practical tips to store, pour, tap and taste all these delicacies are included, of course. We thoroughly enjoy a good glass of beer at the table and so we would like to treat you to several successful food pairings. We consulted several chefs, who reveal the secrets of their beer cuisine to you. Finally, our handy guide will help you plan your next brewery visit. There is no better way to discover the birthplace of your beloved beers. In Belgium people take their time to make a good beer. Take your own time to travel around our beer country. And above all, don’t forget to enjoy yourself... with a good glass of beer. Santé!

Modern Homebrew Recipes

Filename: modern-homebrew-recipes.pdf
ISBN: 9781938469176
Release Date: 2015-06-15
Number of pages: 322
Author: Gordon Strong
Publisher: Brewers Publications

Download and read online Modern Homebrew Recipes in PDF and EPUB Craft beer is about innovation, discovery and interpretation. Homebrewing is about all that and more! As the beer scene evolves, so do the beer styles we know and love. In Modern Homebrew Recipes, Grandmaster Beer Judge and author Gordon Strong takes you on a guided journey of brewing discovery that includes information about some of the latest BJCP style changes. Following a primer on specific mashing and hopping techniques, recipe formulation fundamentals and how to adapt recipes to your system, Strong shares more than 100 distinctive recipes.Strong also provides specific advice and sensory profiles for each beer. Strong’s recipes are provided as-brewed, with delicious variations to get the creative juices flowing. Modern Homebrew Recipes is more than a book of recipes; it’s a book that sets brewers on the path to discovering what’s new in the world of homebrewing.

The Insiders Guide to Becoming a Yacht Stewardess 2nd Edition

Filename: the-insiders-guide-to-becoming-a-yacht-stewardess-2nd-edition.pdf
ISBN: 9781614487869
Release Date: 2013-08-01
Number of pages: 368
Author: Julie Perry
Publisher: Morgan James Publishing

Download and read online The Insiders Guide to Becoming a Yacht Stewardess 2nd Edition in PDF and EPUB Welcome to the World of the Rich and Famous. . .Travel, Adventure, and Multi-Million-Dollar Yachts: Part how-to guide, part travelogue, The Insiders’ Guide to Becoming a Yacht Stewardess: Confessions from My Years Afloat with the Rich and Famous not only outlines the step-by-step process to getting a job on a luxury yacht, it also reveals what life is really like aboard these oceangoing toys of mankind’s most affluent. Packed with anecdotal stories from her time on the high seas, catering to some of the most demanding guests in the world, Julie Perry’s account of life “below deck” on a megaa-yacht is informative and humorous.