Secret Slave

Filename: secret-slave.pdf
ISBN: 9781911274117
Release Date: 2016-12-29
Number of pages: 320
Author: Anna Ruston
Publisher: Bonnier Publishing Ltd.

Download and read online Secret Slave in PDF and EPUB 'You're not going home. You're not going anywhere. You're mine now.' Growing up in a deeply troubled family, 15-year-old Anna felt lost and alone in the world. So when a friendly taxi driver befriended her, Anna welcomed the attention. She agreed to go home with him to meet his family. She wouldn't escape for over a decade. Held captive by a sadistic paedophile, with the full acceptance of his family, Anna was subjected to despicable levels of sexual abuse and torture. The unrelenting violence and degradation resulted in numerous miscarriages, and the birth of four babies... each one stolen away from Anna at birth. Her salvation arrived thirteen years too late, but despite her shattered mind and body, Anna finally managed to flee. This is her harrowing, yet uplifting story, of survival.

Twelve Years a Slave

Filename: twelve-years-a-slave.pdf
ISBN: 9783492967082
Release Date: 2014-02-17
Number of pages: 288
Author: Solomon Northup
Publisher: Piper Verlag

Download and read online Twelve Years a Slave in PDF and EPUB Solomon Northup war ein freier Bürger, bis er von Sklavenhändlern verschleppt und an einen Plantagenbesitzer verkauft wurde. Dort lebte er zwölf Jahre als Sklave, bis er schließlich – als einer der wenigen – seine Freiheit zurückerlangen und zu seiner Familie zurückkehren konnte. Die gleichnamige Verfilmung seiner Memoiren von Regisseur Steve McQueen hat bei der Verleihung der Golden Globes den Hauptpreis als bestes Filmdrama gewonnen.

Sklavenm dchen

Filename: sklavenm-dchen.pdf
ISBN: 3522652207
Release Date: 1989
Number of pages: 366
Author: Harriet A. Jacobs

Download and read online Sklavenm dchen in PDF and EPUB

Die Bienenh terin

Filename: die-bienenh-terin.pdf
ISBN: 9783641024734
Release Date: 2009-03-11
Number of pages: 352
Author: Sue Monk Kidd
Publisher: btb Verlag

Download and read online Die Bienenh terin in PDF and EPUB Lilys Mutter ist vor zehn Jahren umgekommen. Ihr Vater herrscht wie ein grausamer Rachegott über die inzwischen 14-jährige. Eines Tages flieht Lily aus der bedrückenden Atmosphäre ihres Elternhauses, wandert über die staubigen Straßen der Südstaaten, um ein neues Zuhause zu finden. Sie begegnet wunderbaren Menschen, rettet mit Mut und Klugheit ein Leben und findet bei drei Frauen Unterschlupf, die, wie im Märchen, in großer Eintracht zusammenwohnen. Die drei Schwestern geben dem Mädchen alles, was es braucht: Liebe, Halt, und Geborgenheit. Sie nehmen Lily in ihre Familie auf und weihen sie in die Geheimnisse weiblichen Wissens ein. Lily lernt alles über die Bienenzucht. Sie erfährt, wer ihre Mutter, die sie so schmerzlich vermisst, wirklich war, und sie verliebt sich. Doch eines Tages steht ihr Vater am Gartentor ...

The Slave Trade of East Africa

Filename: the-slave-trade-of-east-africa.pdf
ISBN: OXFORD:N10593506
Release Date: 1874
Number of pages: 96
Author: Edward Moss Hutchinson

Download and read online The Slave Trade of East Africa in PDF and EPUB

Underground Railroad

Filename: underground-railroad.pdf
ISBN: 3446256555
Release Date: 2017-08-21
Number of pages: 352
Author: Colson Whitehead

Download and read online Underground Railroad in PDF and EPUB

3096 Tage

Filename: 3096-tage.pdf
ISBN: 9783843701266
Release Date: 2011-03-21
Number of pages: 288
Author: Natascha Kampusch
Publisher: Ullstein eBooks

Download and read online 3096 Tage in PDF and EPUB Natascha Kampusch erlitt das schrecklichste Schicksal, das einem Kind zustoßen kann: Am 2. März 1998 wurde sie im Alter von zehn Jahren auf dem Schulweg entführt. Ihr Peiniger, der Nachrichtentechniker Wolfgang Priklopil, hielt sie in einem Kellerverlies gefangen - 3096 Tage lang. Am 23. August 2006 gelang ihr aus eigener Kraft die Flucht. Priklopil nahm sich noch am selben Tag das Leben. Jetzt spricht Natascha Kampusch zum ersten Mal offen über die Entführung, die Zeit der Gefangenschaft, ihre Beziehung zum Täter und darüber, wie es ihr gelang, der Hölle zu entkommen.


Filename: philomena.pdf
ISBN: 9783843708692
Release Date: 2014-02-10
Number of pages: 448
Author: Martin Sixsmith
Publisher: Ullstein eBooks

Download and read online Philomena in PDF and EPUB Philomena Lee ist selbst noch fast ein Kind, als sie hochschwanger im Kloster Zuflucht sucht. Doch statt Barmherzigkeit erwartet sie dort ein unerbittliches System: Im Irland der 50er-Jahre verkaufen die Nonnen jedes uneheliche Kind, das in ihrem Konvent geboren wird, mit neuer Identität in die USA. Wie viele andere Mütter verliert auch Philomena ihren Sohn, aus Anthony Lee wird mit drei Jahren Michael Hess. Mutter und Sohn können einander nicht vergessen, doch erst 50 Jahre später erfährt Philomena, was aus ihrem Sohn geworden ist.

Self Taught

Filename: self-taught.pdf
ISBN: 0807888974
Release Date: 2009-11-20
Number of pages: 320
Author: Heather Andrea Williams
Publisher: Univ of North Carolina Press

Download and read online Self Taught in PDF and EPUB In this previously untold story of African American self-education, Heather Andrea Williams moves across time to examine African Americans' relationship to literacy during slavery, during the Civil War, and in the first decades of freedom. Self-Taught traces the historical antecedents to freedpeople's intense desire to become literate and demonstrates how the visions of enslaved African Americans emerged into plans and action once slavery ended. Enslaved people, Williams contends, placed great value in the practical power of literacy, whether it was to enable them to read the Bible for themselves or to keep informed of the abolition movement and later the progress of the Civil War. Some slaves devised creative and subversive means to acquire literacy, and when slavery ended, they became the first teachers of other freedpeople. Soon overwhelmed by the demands for education, they called on northern missionaries to come to their aid. Williams argues that by teaching, building schools, supporting teachers, resisting violence, and claiming education as a civil right, African Americans transformed the face of education in the South to the great benefit of both black and white southerners.

Secret Journeys

Filename: secret-journeys.pdf
ISBN: 079143995X
Release Date: 1999
Number of pages: 167
Author: Marilyn C. Wesley
Publisher: SUNY Press

Download and read online Secret Journeys in PDF and EPUB Examines the subversive and constructive narrative of female journey in American literature, from the seventeenth century to the present.

Bury the Chains

Filename: bury-the-chains.pdf
ISBN: 9780330469906
Release Date: 2010-12-17
Number of pages: 456
Author: Adam Hochschild
Publisher: Pan Macmillan

Download and read online Bury the Chains in PDF and EPUB Eighteenth-century Britain was the world’s leading centre for the slave trade. Profits soared and fortunes were made, but in 1788 things began to change. Bury The Chains tells the remarkable story of the men who sought to end slavery and brought the issue to the heart of British political life. ‘Hochschild's marvellous book is a timely reminder of what a small group of determined people, with right on their side, can achieve. Carefully researched and elegantly written, with a pacy narrative that ranges from the coffee houses of London to the back-breaking sugar plantations of the West Indies, it charts the unlikely success of the first international human rights movement' Saul David, Literary Review 'Hochschild is such a gifted researcher and story-teller that he never fails to hold the reader's attention. . . For all its terrible theme, Hochschild's book is not in the least depressing, because it is suffused with admiration for the courage and enlightenment of the men and women who crusaded against this evil, and finally prevailed' Max Hastings, Sunday Telegraph 'Thought-provoking, absorbing and well-written' Brendan Simms, Sunday Times 'Stirring and unforgettable' Economist

The Fiddler on Pantico Run

Filename: the-fiddler-on-pantico-run.pdf
ISBN: 9781451627619
Release Date: 2012-10-02
Number of pages: 320
Author: Joe Mozingo
Publisher: Simon and Schuster

Download and read online The Fiddler on Pantico Run in PDF and EPUB In this gorgeously written and “vividly fascinating” (Elle) account, a prize-winning journalist digs deep into his ancestry looking for the origins of his unusual last name and discovers that he comes from one of America’s earliest mixed-race families. “My dad’s family was a mystery,” writes journalist Joe Mozingo, having grown up with only rumors about where his father’s family was from—Italy, France, the Basque Country. But when a college professor told the blue-eyed Californian that his family name may have come from sub-Saharan Africa, Mozingo set out on an epic journey to uncover the truth. He soon discovered that all Mozingos in America, including his father’s line, appeared to have descended from a black man named Edward Mozingo who was brought to America as a slave in 1644 and, after winning his freedom twenty-eight years later, became a tenant tobacco farmer, married a white woman, and fathered one of the country’s earliest mixed-race family lineages. Tugging at the buried thread of his origins, Joe Mozingo has unearthed a saga that encompasses the full sweep of America’s history and lays bare the country’s tortured and paradoxical experience with race. Haunting and beautiful, Mozingo’s memoir paints a world where the lines based on color are both illusory and life altering. He traces his family line from the ravages of the slave trade to the mixed-race society of colonial Virginia and through the brutal imposition of racial laws.

The Atlantic Slave Trade

Filename: the-atlantic-slave-trade.pdf
ISBN: 0822312433
Release Date: 1992-04-30
Number of pages: 412
Author: Joseph E. Inikori
Publisher: Duke University Press

Download and read online The Atlantic Slave Trade in PDF and EPUB For review see: J.R. McNeill, in HAHR, 74, 1 (February 1994); p. 136-137.

Honey in the Rock

Filename: honey-in-the-rock.pdf
ISBN: 0865548277
Release Date: 2002
Number of pages: 176
Author: Olivia Solomon
Publisher: Mercer University Press

Download and read online Honey in the Rock in PDF and EPUB