Real Estate Success in 5 Minutes a Day

Filename: real-estate-success-in-5-minutes-a-day.pdf
ISBN: 193696127X
Release Date: 2016-07-26
Number of pages: 400
Author: Karen Briscoe
Publisher: 5 Minute Press

Download and read online Real Estate Success in 5 Minutes a Day in PDF and EPUB Investing your first 5 minutes a day reading and sharpening your skills can put you on the fast track to success in your life and business. Many masters and experts have shared their wisdom through words. Learning from these experienced leaders by reading their words is how you, too, can achieve personal and professional transformation. Success is achieved by getting into action immediately and applying the principles learned. Applied knowledge leads to success. That is the beauty of author and top-performing agent Karen Briscoe s Real Estate Success in 5 Minutes a Day. You truly only have to invest five minutes a day to achieve amazing results. One of the easiest ways to develop a new habit is to attach it to an existing habit. The new activity is particularly sticky when combined with one you enjoy. So pair your inspirational reading for the day with your morning cup of tea or coffee. By combining a new behavior with an already established habit, the established habit becomes the reminder. You don t even have to think about it. The new habit becomes effortless, as there is the automatic reward associated with it. Make the decision now to become a lifelong learner and you will become one. Commit to the habit of reading one of the 365 daily chapters first thing every morning. And then identify one new concept to apply in your life and business. Success thinking, combined with success activities and success vision, creates a sweet life that truly will transform your life.

The Real Estate Agent s Business Planner

Filename: the-real-estate-agent-s-business-planner.pdf
ISBN: 081442872X
Release Date: 2005
Number of pages: 254
Author: Bridget McCrea
Publisher: AMACOM Div American Mgmt Assn

Download and read online The Real Estate Agent s Business Planner in PDF and EPUB Mocker details a system enabling real estate agents to operate like a small business. Readers will learn to set up a strategy for getting through the "lean" months; prepare financial projections and learn how to manage a fluctuating income; find creative ways to market themselves within their budget; and more.

Five Minutes to More Great Real Estate Letters

Filename: five-minutes-to-more-great-real-estate-letters.pdf
ISBN: 9781111428181
Release Date: 2011-02-01
Number of pages: 256
Author: John D. Mayfield
Publisher: Cengage Learning

Download and read online Five Minutes to More Great Real Estate Letters in PDF and EPUB A Quick Time Saver & Money Maker – All in One! Successful real estate agents must target their marketing messages to persuade more prospects and generate sales. The fast pace and increased competition of real estate demands it! That's why John Mayfield,

Perfect Phrases for Real Estate Agents Brokers

Filename: perfect-phrases-for-real-estate-agents-brokers.pdf
ISBN: 0071641718
Release Date: 2008-07-31
Number of pages: 288
Author: Dan Hamilton
Publisher: McGraw Hill Professional

Download and read online Perfect Phrases for Real Estate Agents Brokers in PDF and EPUB The Right Phrase for Every Situation...Every Time In our current real estate climate, it's more important than ever to have the right words at your fingertips. Whether you're new to the game or a seasoned seller, Perfect Phrases for Real Estate Agents and Brokers has just the right words and phrases you'll need to track down prospective properties and clients, manage transactions, negotiate terms, facilitate communications between buyer and seller, and close the deal. This easy-to-use, quick-reference guide gives you: Hundreds of quick, ready-to-use words and phrases Coverage of every situation you'll face, from meeting a new client to finalizing the sale Winning approaches that persuade prospects and generate sales Expertise from a top realtor educator and author

The Official Guide to Success

Filename: the-official-guide-to-success.pdf
ISBN: 0938636057
Release Date: 1982
Number of pages: 153
Author: Tom Hopkins
Publisher: Tom Hopkins

Download and read online The Official Guide to Success in PDF and EPUB

The Essential Daily Planner for Real Estate Agents

Filename: the-essential-daily-planner-for-real-estate-agents.pdf
ISBN: 0986052612
Release Date: 2013-10
Number of pages: 246
Author: Melissa Zavala

Download and read online The Essential Daily Planner for Real Estate Agents in PDF and EPUB Catapult your real estate career in only 10 minutes a day Staying organized is the key to being top of your game as a real estate agent, and The Essential Daily Planner for Real Estate Agents will help you do just that. This clever book is a business coach and an accountability tool all in less than 250 pages Read it, use it, and watch your productivity skyrocket --Barbara Corcoran, real estate mogul, business coach, and star of ABC's Shark Tank The Essential Daily Planner for Real Estate Agents is an easy-to-use daily organizer with a unique format that includes six months worth of space to record daily activities and achievements. Endlessly useful, the daily log makes it simple for users to note prospecting, marketing, and sales goals while also including space for record keeping, appointments, and personal notations. The thought-provoking daily motivators offer a starting point for agents seeking additional direction in their business. Research shows that goal setting and self-monitoring accelerates success. So whether you are a novice real estate agent or an experienced top producer, this daily planner will provide motivation, tools for analyzing patterns in your daily and weekly activities, and a record of your accomplishments. It's amazing the success that you can achieve in only 10 minutes a day

Your First Year in Real Estate 2nd Ed

Filename: your-first-year-in-real-estate-2nd-ed.pdf
ISBN: 0307717658
Release Date: 2010-08-03
Number of pages: 304
Author: Dirk Zeller
Publisher: Crown Business

Download and read online Your First Year in Real Estate 2nd Ed in PDF and EPUB Newly Expanded with More Expert Advice to Help You Build a Winning Real Estate Career Welcome to the world of real estate sales, and the start of an exciting new career! Your destiny is now in your hands. Along with endless opportunities, flexible hours, and the freedom to chart your own path, you also have the potential to earn fabulous amounts of money. All you need for total success is preparation. Revised and expanded, Your First Year in Real Estate contains the essential knowledge you need to start off right in today’s vastly changed real estate market, avoid common first-year missteps, and get the inside edge that will take you to the top. Real estate expert Dirk Zeller has compiled the industry’s proven secrets and strategies that will enable novice agents to hit the ground running and excel from day one. You’ll get the insider’s guide to: • Selecting the right company • Developing valuable mentor and client relationships • Using the Internet and social networking to stay ahead of the competition (NEW!) • Setting—and reaching— essential career goals • Staying on top in today’s challenging real estate climate (NEW!) • And so much more. Concise and thorough, Your First Year in Real Estate is like having the top coach right by your side. From the Trade Paperback edition.

How to Change Minds

Filename: how-to-change-minds.pdf
ISBN: 9781626560543
Release Date: 2013-06-03
Number of pages: 216
Author: Rob Jolles
Publisher: Berrett-Koehler Publishers

Download and read online How to Change Minds in PDF and EPUB Surely you know plenty of people who need to make a change. But despite your well-intentioned efforts, they resist—because even when it’s in their best interest, people fundamentally fear change. As a salesman, father, friend, and consultant, Rob Jolles knows this scenario all too well. Drawing on his highly successful sales background and decades of research, he lays out a simple, repeatable, predictable, and ethical process that will enable you to lead others to discover for themselves what and why they need to change. Whether you hope to make a sale or improve a relationship, Jolles’s wise advice—illustrated through a bevy of sometimes funny, sometimes moving, always illuminating stories—will help you ensure that influencing someone is never an act of coercion but rather one of caring and compassion. This enhanced edition contains ten videos totaling over 25 minutes in length. For many of the skills taught in this book, the author provides a video role-play showing that skill in action. In other videos, he underlines the crucial ethical nature of persuasion, and even shares an inspirational story cut from the original book. The full How to Change Minds deluxe experience is not to be missed.

The Miracle Morning

Filename: the-miracle-morning.pdf
ISBN: 0979019710
Release Date: 2012-12
Number of pages: 146
Author: Hal Elrod

Download and read online The Miracle Morning in PDF and EPUB What's being widely regarded as "one of the most life changing books ever written" may be the simplest approach to achieving everything you've ever wanted, and faster than you ever thought possible. What if you could wake up tomorrow and any-or EVERY-area of your life was beginning to transform? What would you change? The Miracle Morning is already transforming the lives of tens of thousands of people around the world by showing them how to wake up each day with more ENERGY, MOTIVATION, and FOCUS to take your life to the next level. It's been right here in front of us all along, but this book has finally brought it to life. Are you ready? The next chapter of YOUR life-the most extraordinary life you've ever imagined-is about to begin. It's time to WAKE UP to your full potential...

The ABCs of Real Estate Investing

Filename: the-abcs-of-real-estate-investing.pdf
ISBN: 9781937832384
Release Date: 2013-02-28
Number of pages: 220
Author: Ken McElroy
Publisher: RDA Press, LLC

Download and read online The ABCs of Real Estate Investing in PDF and EPUB This book will teach you how to: • Achieve wealth and cash flow through real estate • Find property with real potential • Show you how to unlock the myths that are holding you back • Negotiating the deal based on the numbers • Evaluate property and purchase price • Increase your income through proven property management tools


Filename: real.pdf
ISBN: 0615838340
Release Date: 2013-11-14
Number of pages: 272
Author: Dave Crumby

Download and read online Real in PDF and EPUB Not your ordinary book on Real Estate. It's a book about Life, People, Health, Rejuvenation and Habits. Contributions by Real Estate's Most Influential Leaders: Spencer Rascoff - CEO, Zillow Pete Flint - CEO, Trulia Sherry Chris - CEO, Better Homes & Gardens Krisstina Wise - CEO, Good Life Marc Davison - Partner, 1000watt Dave Crumby - CEO, realvolve Austin Allison - CEO, dotloop Lisa Archer - Co-founder, Geeky Girls Matt Beall - Broker, Hawaii Life Real Estate Vanessa Bergmark - Partner, Red Oak Realty Kim Colaprete - Founder, Team Diva Nobu Hata - NAR Director Dottie Herman - CEO, Douglas Elliman Real Estate Tina Mak - Broker, Coldwell Banker Michael McClure - CEO, Kelly Mitchell - Founder, Agent Caffeine Tara-Nicholle Nelson - Founder, REThink Marc Siden - CEO, Onboard Informatics Kendyl Young - Owner, Diggs Foreword by: Michele Serro - Founder, Doorsteps Artwork by: Joey Roth Most Real Estate Books fall short. REAL goes beyond mere tactics and strategies to focus on the core of what really matters - You. With featured stories from Real Estate's Thought Leaders including Marc Davison, Spencer Rascoff, Sherry Chris, Krisstina Wise and many more. If building a real estate business that lasts is important to you - this is a book you surely won't want to miss! Build to Last What stalls most agents from building sustainable businesses is the misconception that getting from point A to objective B will require more energy, skill, and time than we have. So we revert to short-cuts. But the truth is big problems are rarely solved with big solutions, but by a sequence of small solutions, sometimes over weeks, months, years, and sometimes over decades. It's About YOU A minimalist approach to marketing How to serve from the inside out Why Habits are more vital than goals How to cycle your energy and interest Why Authenticity matters more than Salesmanship Chase the Passion - Not the Money Why People - are your REAL portfolio Truth about Happiness and Money Health - Building a Sustainable You Practice - You are what you do Why Real Estate Craftsman will take over

Trump Think Like a Billionaire

Filename: trump-think-like-a-billionaire.pdf
ISBN: 9781588364371
Release Date: 2004-10-12
Number of pages: 288
Author: Donald J. Trump
Publisher: Random House

Download and read online Trump Think Like a Billionaire in PDF and EPUB It’s not good enough to want it. You’ve got to know how to get it. Real estate titan, bestselling author, and TV star Donald J. Trump is the man to teach you the billionaire mind-set–how to think about money, career skills, and life. Here is crucial advice on investing in real estate from the expert, everything from dealing with brokers to renovating to assessing the value of property, buying and selling, and securing a mortgage. Trump will show you how to cut costs, decide how much risk to assume in your investments, and divide up your portfolio. He’ll also teach you how to impress anyone, how to correct or criticize someone effectively, and how to know if your friends are loyal–everything you need to know to get ahead. And once you’ve earned your money, you’ve got to learn to spend it well. Trump presents his consumer guide to the best things in life, from wine to golf clubs to engagement rings. Check out the billionaire lifestyle–how they shop and what they buy. Even if you’re not superwealthy, you can afford many of these luxuries. And what look inside the Trump world would be complete without The Apprentice? Trump will take you behind the scenes, from the end of season one and into season two, with insights into the making and the meaning of TV’s hottest show. As Donald Trump proves, getting rich is easy. Staying rich is harder. Your chances are better, and you’ll have more fun, if you think like a billionaire. This is the book that will help you make a real difference in your life.

Real Estate Agent s Business Planning Guide

Filename: real-estate-agent-s-business-planning-guide.pdf
ISBN: 0793109558
Release Date: 1994-08-01
Number of pages: 256
Author: Carla Cross
Publisher: Dearborn Real Estate

Download and read online Real Estate Agent s Business Planning Guide in PDF and EPUB Introduces the concept of business planning, tells how to review the marketplace and the previous year's business, and discusses professional development and marketing

23 Minutes in Hell

Filename: 23-minutes-in-hell.pdf
ISBN: 9781629994482
Release Date: 2017-05-02
Number of pages: 256
Author: Bill Wiese
Publisher: Charisma Media

Download and read online 23 Minutes in Hell in PDF and EPUB Awaken to the realities of hell, the afterlife and the urgency to live for Christ in your short time here on earth. On November 22nd, 1998 Bill Wiese experienced something so horrifying it would continue to captivate the world for over a decade. Bill saw the searing flames of hell, heard deafening screams of agony and encountered terrorizing demons before the strong hand of God lifted him out of the pit. Wiese’s visit to the devil’s lair lasted just twenty-three minutes, but he returned with vivid details etched in his memory. Bill’s experience has captured the attention of national media including the Christian Broadcasting Network, It’s Supernatural, Trinity Broadcasting Network, Charisma News and many others. This new books' content features Wiese’s insights to commonly asked questions such as: Is hell a literal burning place? Where is hell? Do you have a body in hell? Are there degrees of punishment in hell? Are there children in hell? Can demons torment people in hell? Can “good” people go to hell? This expanded anniversary edition includes more than 150 Bible verses referencing hell for further study. Also included is the new section, “Wrestling With the Big Questions” where Bill answers these and many others questions: Why do some people who have a near-death experience see a bright light? Will those who never heard about Jesus go to hell? Is hell eternal, or are those in hell simply annihilated?

The Miracle Morning for Real Estate Agents

Filename: the-miracle-morning-for-real-estate-agents.pdf
ISBN: 194258900X
Release Date: 2012-12-12
Number of pages: 156
Author: Hal Elrod
Publisher: Miracle Morning Publishing

Download and read online The Miracle Morning for Real Estate Agents in PDF and EPUB All real estate agents share one thing in common: we're all striving to get to the NEXT LEVEL of personal and professional success. We want to take our lives, our businesses, and our selves to the next level. What if you could get there, faster than you ever thought possible, by simply changing how you start your day? The Miracle Morning for Real Estate Agents beautifully blends strategy and inspiration in an enlightening parable from the bestselling authors of The Miracle Morning, (7L) The Seven Levels of Communication, and The New Rise in Real Estate. This book takes you on a journey into the lives of real estate agent Rick Masters and mortgage professional Michelle Phillips. Rick and Michelle face new challenges as the demands of their industry have left them stressed, overweight, and unfulfilled. Something has to change. They attend an event and meet other agents who have transformed their lives. Although Michelle is optimistic, Rick is skeptical. Little does Rick know, there really is a not-so-obvious secret that will transform your life in just 30 days. Discover it for yourself as you join Rick and Michelle on their life-changing journey. You'll learn how 30 days from today YOUR life and business can be everything you've always dreamed. It's your time to rise and shine!