Readings on Animal Farm

Filename: readings-on-animal-farm.pdf
ISBN: 1565106504
Release Date: 1998
Number of pages: 144
Author: Terry O'Neill
Publisher: Greenhaven Press, Incorporated

Download and read online Readings on Animal Farm in PDF and EPUB Gathers initial reviews of "Animal Farm," discusses the work as literature, and looks at the social and political commentary it includes

Readings on Animal Farm

Filename: readings-on-animal-farm.pdf
ISBN: 1565106512
Release Date: 1998
Number of pages: 144
Author: Terry O'Neill
Publisher: Greenhaven Press, Incorporated

Download and read online Readings on Animal Farm in PDF and EPUB Gathers initial reviews of "Animal Farm," discusses the work as literature, and looks at the social and political commentary it includes

Animal Farm

Filename: animal-farm.pdf
ISBN: 9786022912828
Release Date: 2016-12-19
Number of pages: 148
Author: George Orwell
Publisher: Bentang Pustaka

Download and read online Animal Farm in PDF and EPUB Suatu malam, Major, si babi tua yang bijaksana, mengumpulkan para binatang di peternakan untuk bercerita tentang mimpinya. Setelah sekian lama hidup di bawah tirani manusia, Major mendapat visi bahwa kelak sebuah pemberontakan akan dilakukan binatang terhadap manusia; menciptakan sebuah dunia di mana binatang akan berkuasa atas dirinya sendiri. Tak lama, pemberontakan benar-benar terjadi. Kekuasaan manusia digulingkan di bawah pimpinan dua babi cerdas: Snowball dan Napoleon. Namun, kekuasaan ternyata sungguh memabukkan. Demokrasi yang digaungkan perlahan berbelok kembali menjadi tiran di mana pemimpin harus selalu benar. Dualisme kepemimpinan tak bisa dibiarkan. Salah satu harus disingkirkan … walau harus dengan kekerasan. Animal Farm merupakan novel alegori politik yang ditulis Orwell pada masa Perang Dunia II sebagai satire atas totaliterisme Uni Soviet. Dianugerahi Retro Hugo Award untuk novela terbaik (1996) dan Prometheus Hall of Fame Award (2011), Animal Farm menjadi mahakarya Orwell yang melejitkan namanya. [Mizan, Bentang Pustaka, Novel, Klasik, Fenomenal, Terjemahan, Indonesia]

Animal Farm with Related Readings

Filename: animal-farm-with-related-readings.pdf
ISBN: 002817982X
Release Date: 2000
Number of pages: 98
Author: George Orwell

Download and read online Animal Farm with Related Readings in PDF and EPUB

Animal Farm

Filename: animal-farm.pdf
ISBN: OCLC:62187459
Release Date: 1997
Number of pages: 182
Author: McDougal Littell

Download and read online Animal Farm in PDF and EPUB

Animal Farm

Filename: animal-farm.pdf
ISBN: 9780791085837
Release Date: 2006-01-01
Number of pages: 101
Author: Harold Bloom
Publisher: Infobase Publishing

Download and read online Animal Farm in PDF and EPUB An overview of the work features a biographical sketch of the author, a list of characters, a summary of the plot, and critical and analytical views of the work.

The Ends of Allegory

Filename: the-ends-of-allegory.pdf
ISBN: 0874136709
Release Date: 1998
Number of pages: 190
Author: Sayre N. Greenfield
Publisher: University of Delaware Press

Download and read online The Ends of Allegory in PDF and EPUB This book proposes that allegory is not a species of literature but a structure of reading applied to uncomfortable juxtapositions within literary texts. Examples from centuries of response to English Renaissance narrative poetry show not what poems mean but how they may be read and what cultural conditions encourage allegorical or nonallegorical readings. The study also encompasses interpretations of classical verse, biblical parable, Jacobean masque, modern lyric, and television advertising to explore how texts move in and out of the category of allegory.

Eating Animals

Filename: eating-animals.pdf
ISBN: 9780141932651
Release Date: 2010-03-04
Number of pages: 352
Author: Jonathan Safran Foer
Publisher: Penguin UK

Download and read online Eating Animals in PDF and EPUB Eating Animals is Jonathan Safran Foer's eye-opening account of where meat comes from 'I simply wanted to know - for myself and my family - what meat is. Where does it come from? How is it produced? What are the economic, social and environmental effects? Are there animals that it is straightforwardly right to eat? Are there situations in which not eating animals is wrong? If this began as a personal quest, it didn't stay that way for long . . . ' Jonathan Safran Foer's Eating Animals is the most original book on the subject of food written this century. It will change the way you think, and change the way you eat. For good. 'Moving, disturbing, should be compulsory reading. A genuine masterwork. Read this book. It will change you' Time Out 'Shocking, incandescent, brilliant' The Times 'Everyone who eats flesh should read this book' Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall 'Gripping, horrible, wonderful, breathtaking, original. A brilliant synthesis of argument, science and storytelling. One of the finest books ever written on the subject of eating animals' The Times Literary Supplement 'Horrifying, eloquent, timely' Spectator 'If you eat meat and fish, you should read this book. Even if you don't, you should. It might bring the beginning of a change of heart about all living things' Joanna Lumley Jonathan Safran Foer was born in 1977. He is the author of Everything is Illuminated, which won the National Jewish Book Award and the Guardian First Book award; Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close, which is now a major film starring Tom Hanks and Sandra Bullock; and Eating Animals. He is also the editor of A Convergence of Birds and of a new edition of the Haggadah.


Filename: radical.pdf
ISBN: 9781493025725
Release Date: 2016-03-01
Number of pages: 296
Author: Maajid Nawaz
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

Download and read online Radical in PDF and EPUB Maajid Nawaz spent his teenage years listening to American hip-hop and learning about the radical Islamist movement spreading throughout Europe and Asia in the 1980s and 90s. At 16, he was already a ranking member in Hizb ut-Tahrir, a London-based Islamist group. He quickly rose through the ranks to become a top recruiter, a charismatic spokesman for the cause of uniting Islam’s political power across the world. Nawaz was setting up satellite groups in Pakistan, Denmark, and Egypt when he was rounded up in the aftermath of 9/11 along with many other radical Muslims. He was sent to an Egyptian prison where he was, fortuitously, jailed along with the assassins of Egyptian President Anwar Sadat. The 20 years in prison had changed the assassins’ views on Islam and violence; Maajid went into prison preaching to them about the Islamist cause, but the lessons ended up going the other way. He came out of prison four years later completely changed, convinced that his entire belief system had been wrong, and determined to do something about it. He met with activists and heads of state, built a network, and started a foundation, Quilliam, funded by the British government, to combat the rising Islamist tide in Europe and elsewhere, using his intimate knowledge of recruitment tactics in order to reverse extremism and persuade Muslims that the ‘narrative’ used to recruit them (that the West is evil and the cause of all of Muslim suffering), is false. Radical, first published in the UK, is a fascinating and important look into one man's journey out of extremism and into something else entirely. This U.S. edition contains a "Preface for US readers" and a new, updated epilogue.

Lord of the Flies

Filename: lord-of-the-flies.pdf
ISBN: 9781101993224
Release Date: 2016-11-15
Number of pages: 336
Author: William Golding
Publisher: Penguin

Download and read online Lord of the Flies in PDF and EPUB William Golding’s unforgettable classic of boyhood adventure and the savagery of humanity comes to Penguin Classics in a stunning Graphic Deluxe Edition with a new foreword by Lois Lowry As provocative today as when it was first published in 1954, Lord of the Flies continues to ignite passionate debate with its startling, brutal portrait of human nature. William Golding’s compelling story about a group of very ordinary boys marooned on a coral island has been labeled a parable, an allegory, a myth, a morality tale, a parody, a political treatise, and even a vision of the apocalypse. But above all, it has earned its place as one of the indisputable classics of the twentieth century for readers of any age. This Penguin Classics Graphic Deluxe Edition features an array of special features to supplement the novel, including a foreword by Lois Lowry, an introduction by Stephen King, an essay by E. M. Forster, an essay on teaching and reading the novel and suggestions for further exploration by scholar Jennifer Buehler, and an extended note by E. L. Epstein, the publisher of the first American paperback edition of Lord of the Flies. For more than seventy years, Penguin has been the leading publisher of classic literature in the English-speaking world. With more than 1,700 titles, Penguin Classics represents a global bookshelf of the best works throughout history and across genres and disciplines. Readers trust the series to provide authoritative texts enhanced by introductions and notes by distinguished scholars and contemporary authors, as well as up-to-date translations by award-winning translators. From the Trade Paperback edition.

Into The River

Filename: into-the-river.pdf
ISBN: 9781943818204
Release Date: 2016-06-14
Number of pages: 304
Author: Ted Dawe
Publisher: Polis Books

Download and read online Into The River in PDF and EPUB Winner of the Margaret Mahy Award "Some rivers should not be swum in. Some rivers hold secrets that can never be told." Te Arepa is an adventurous Maori boy, bound to the history, customs and rituals of his people. Yet when he comes upon a giant eel while fishing, he is convinced the creature is a taniwha, or water demon, and follows it. Yet what Te Arepa finds in the river is far different, far more sinister. And it will change his life forever. Te Arepa has always been curious about experiencing life beyond his tribe. His wishes seem granted when he is awarded a scholarship at a prestigious boarding school, far away from the Maori. Leaving behind his family and their traditions, Te Arepa sets out to discover a strange new world with customs of its well as new enemies. When he arrives at school, Te Arepa finds the freedom and everything it offers intoxicating. But to fit in, he realizes that he must shed his identity, culture, and even his name. And he comes to realize that what the water demon showed him in the darkness of the river that day changed him, and that freedom comes with a heavy price.

George Orwell s Animal Farm

Filename: george-orwell-s-animal-farm.pdf
ISBN: 9781438128719
Release Date: 2009
Number of pages: 175
Author: Harold Bloom
Publisher: Infobase Publishing

Download and read online George Orwell s Animal Farm in PDF and EPUB Discusses the characters, plot, and writing of Animal farm by George Orwell. Includes critical essays on the novel and a brief biography of the author.

The Last Man in Europe

Filename: the-last-man-in-europe.pdf
ISBN: 9781863959377
Release Date: 2017-07-03
Number of pages: 296
Author: Dennis Glover
Publisher: Black Inc.

Download and read online The Last Man in Europe in PDF and EPUB

The Mythology of the Animal Farm in Children s Literature

Filename: the-mythology-of-the-animal-farm-in-children-s-literature.pdf
ISBN: 9781498519786
Release Date: 2016-07-21
Number of pages: 192
Author: Stacy E. Hoult-Saros
Publisher: Lexington Books

Download and read online The Mythology of the Animal Farm in Children s Literature in PDF and EPUB The Mythology of the Animal Farm in Children’s Literature: Over the Fence analyzes the ways in which myths about farmed animals’ lives are perpetuated in children’s materials. Specifically, this book investigates the use of five recurring thematic devices in about eighty books for young children published during the past five decades. The close readings of texts and images draw on a wide range of fields, including animal theory, psychoanalytic and Marxian literary criticism, child development theory, histories of farming and domestication, and postcolonial theory. In spite of the underlying seriousness of the project, the material lends itself to humorous and not overly heavy-handed explications that provide insight into the complex workings of a literary genre based on the covering up of real animal lives.

Cold Comfort Farm

Filename: cold-comfort-farm.pdf
ISBN: 9780141920078
Release Date: 2006-10-26
Number of pages: 256
Author: Stella Gibbons
Publisher: Penguin UK

Download and read online Cold Comfort Farm in PDF and EPUB When sensible, sophisticated Flora Poste is orphaned at nineteen, she decides her only choice is to descend upon relatives in deepest Sussex. At the aptly named Cold Comfort Farm, she meets the doomed Starkadders: cousin Judith, heaving with remorse for unspoken wickedness; Amos, preaching fire and damnation; their sons, lustful Seth and despairing Reuben; child of nature Elfine; and crazed old Aunt Ada Doom, who has kept to her bedroom for the last twenty years. But Flora loves nothing better than to organize other people. Armed with common sense and a strong will, she resolves to take each of the family in hand. A hilarious and merciless parody of rural melodramas, Cold Comfort Farm (1932) is one of the best-loved comic novels of all time. Includes an introduction by Lynne Truss, and a letter from the author to Anthony Pookworthy in the foreword.