Only a Theory

Filename: only-a-theory.pdf
ISBN: 9781440634031
Release Date: 2008-06-12
Number of pages: 256
Author: Kenneth R. Miller
Publisher: Penguin

Download and read online Only a Theory in PDF and EPUB A highly regarded scientist’s examination of the battle between evolution and intelligent design, and its implications for how science is practiced in America.

Only a Theory

Filename: only-a-theory.pdf
ISBN: 0143115669
Release Date: 2009
Number of pages: 244
Author: Kenneth R. Miller
Publisher: Penguin

Download and read online Only a Theory in PDF and EPUB A well-regarded scientist who offered expert testimony at the high-profile 2005 trial over the teaching of evolution in Dover, Pennsylvania, presents an argument against intelligent design that reveals how refuters of evolution are compromising the nation's ability to continue its history of competitive scientific achievements. Reprint.

Only a Theory

Filename: only-a-theory.pdf
ISBN: 067001883X
Release Date: 2008
Number of pages: 244
Author: Kenneth Raymond Miller
Publisher: Penguin

Download and read online Only a Theory in PDF and EPUB Evaluates the debate between advocates for evolution and intelligent design which occured during the 2005 Dover evolution trial, dissecting the claims of the intelligent design movement and explaining why the conflict is compromising America's position a

Only a Joke Can Save Us

Filename: only-a-joke-can-save-us.pdf
ISBN: 9780810135826
Release Date: 2017-09-15
Number of pages: 232
Author: Todd McGowan
Publisher: Northwestern University Press

Download and read online Only a Joke Can Save Us in PDF and EPUB Only a Joke Can Save Us presents an innovative and comprehensive theory of comedy. Using a wealth of examples from high and popular culture and with careful attention to the treatment of humor in philosophy, Todd McGowan locates the universal source of comedy in the interplay of the opposing concepts lack and excess. After reviewing the treatment of comedy in the work of philosophers as varied as Aristotle, G. W. F. Hegel, Sigmund Freud, Henri Bergson, and Alenka Zupancic, McGowan, working in a psychoanalytic framework, demonstrates that comedy results from the deployment of lack and excess, whether in contrast, juxtaposition, or interplay. Illustrating the power and flexibility of this framework with analyses of films ranging from Buster Keaton and Marx Brothers classics to Dr. Strangelove and Groundhog Day, McGowan shows how humor can reveal gaps in being and gaps in social order. Scholarly yet lively and readable, Only a Joke Can Save Us is a groundbreaking examination of the enigmatic yet endlessly fascinating experience of humor and comedy.

Towards a Theory of Spacetime Theories

Filename: towards-a-theory-of-spacetime-theories.pdf
ISBN: 9781493932108
Release Date: 2017-02-07
Number of pages: 335
Author: Dennis Lehmkuhl
Publisher: Birkhäuser

Download and read online Towards a Theory of Spacetime Theories in PDF and EPUB This contributed volume is the result of a July 2010 workshop at the University of Wuppertal Interdisciplinary Centre for Science and Technology Studies which brought together world-wide experts from physics, philosophy and history, in order to address a set of questions first posed in the 1950s: How do we compare spacetime theories? How do we judge, objectively, which is the “best” theory? Is there even a unique answer to this question? The goal of the workshop, and of this book, is to contribute to the development of a meta-theory of spacetime theories. Such a meta-theory would reveal insights about specific spacetime theories by distilling their essential similarities and differences, deliver a framework for a class of theories that could be helpful as a blueprint to build other meta-theories, and provide a higher level viewpoint for judging which theory most accurately describes nature. But rather than drawing a map in broad strokes, the focus is on particularly rich regions in the “space of spacetime theories.” This work will be of interest to physicists, as well as philosophers and historians of science working with or interested in General Relativity and/or Space, Time and Gravitation more generally.

A Theory of Art

Filename: a-theory-of-art.pdf
ISBN: 0873955552
Release Date: 1982-06-30
Number of pages: 246
Author: Stephen David Ross
Publisher: SUNY Press

Download and read online A Theory of Art in PDF and EPUB The richness of art is manifested in contrast: contrast with other works of art, other features of human experience, other times and places, and other forms of judgment and understanding. The possibilities of contrast are inexhaustible. Every being shares this inexhaustibility of openness to novel possibilities, although inexhaustibility is most fully realized in art. The general theory of art and aesthetic value developed in this book is based on the notions of inexhaustibility and contrast and has important forebears in Kant, Coleridge, and Whitehead. The theory allows art to be located relative to otheR spheres of judgment—science, action, and philosophy. The theory allows a new perspective on interpretation and criticism. Ross presents and defines a new synthetic form of understanding works of art that offers an alternative to the skepticism that haunts so many theories of interpretation.

A Theory of Freedom

Filename: a-theory-of-freedom.pdf
ISBN: 0521348021
Release Date: 1988-08-26
Number of pages: 338
Author: Stanley I. Benn
Publisher: Cambridge University Press

Download and read online A Theory of Freedom in PDF and EPUB This book is a major contribution to the study of the philosophy of action, moral philosophy, and political philosophy. Its central idea is a radically unorthodox theory of rational action. Most contemporary Anglo-American philosophers believe that action is motivated by desire. Professor Benn rejects the doctrine and replaces it with a reformulation of Kant's ethical and political theory, in which rational action can be determined simply by principles, regardless of consequences. The book analyzes the way in which value conflicts can be rationally resolved, the objectivity of value, the concept of moral personality, the principles of non-interference and respect of persons, the ideals of autonomy and community and various aspects of individual rights--focusing on the rights to freedom, welfare, and privacy.

A Theory of Social Action

Filename: a-theory-of-social-action.pdf
ISBN: 9789400963177
Release Date: 2012-12-06
Number of pages: 534
Author: R. Tuomela
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

Download and read online A Theory of Social Action in PDF and EPUB It is somewhat surprising to find out how little serious theorizing there is in philosophy (and in social psychology as well as sociology) on the nature of social actions or joint act. hons in the sense of actions performed together by several agents. Actions performed by single agents have been extensively discussed both in philosophy and in psycho~ogy. There is, ac cordingly, a booming field called action theory in philosophy but it has so far strongly concentrated on actions performed by single agents only. We of course should not forget game theory, a discipline that systematically studies the strategic interac tion between several rational agents. Yet this important theory, besides being restricted to strongly rational acting, fails to study properly several central problems related to the concep tual nature of social action. Thus, it does not adequately clarify and classify the various types of joint action (except perhaps from the point of view of the agents' utilities). This book presents a systematic theory of social action. Because of its reliance on so-called purposive causation and generation it is called the purposive-causal theory. This work also discusses several problems related to the topic of social action, for instance that of how to create from this perspective the most central concepts needed by social psychology and soci ology. While quite a lot of ground is covered in the book, many important questions have been left unanswered and many others unasked as well.

A Theory of Narrative

Filename: a-theory-of-narrative.pdf
ISBN: 9780231513128
Release Date: 2008-08-05
Number of pages: 392
Author: Rick Altman
Publisher: Columbia University Press

Download and read online A Theory of Narrative in PDF and EPUB Narrative is a powerful element of human culture, storing and sharing the cherished parts of our personal memories and giving structure to our laws, entertainment, and history. We experience narrative in words, pictures, and film, yet regardless of how the tale is told, story remains independent from the media that makes it concrete. Narrative follows humans wherever they travel and adapts readily to new forms of communication. Constantly evolving and always up-to-date, narrative is a necessary strategy of human expression and a fundamental component of human identity. In order to understand human interaction, award-winning scholar Rick Altman launches a close study of narrative's nature, its variation in different contexts, and the method through which it makes meaning. Altman's approach breaks away from traditional forms of analysis, identifying three basic strategies: single-focus, dual-focus, and multiple-focus. Unpacking an intentionally diverse selection of texts, Altman demonstrates how these strategies function in context and illustrates their theoretical and practical applications in terms of textual analysis, literary and film history, social organization, religion, and politics. He employs inventive terminology and precise analytical methods throughout his groundbreaking work, making this volume ideal for teaching literary and film theory and for exploring the anatomy of narrative on a more general level.

Towards a Theory of Epistemically Significant Perception

Filename: towards-a-theory-of-epistemically-significant-perception.pdf
ISBN: 9783110445367
Release Date: 2015-09-25
Number of pages: 374
Author: Nadja El Kassar
Publisher: Walter de Gruyter GmbH & Co KG

Download and read online Towards a Theory of Epistemically Significant Perception in PDF and EPUB How does perceptual experience make us knowledgeable? This book argues that the answer lies in the nature of perceptual experience: this experience involves conceptual capacities and is a relation between perceiver and world. The author develops her position via a critical examination of conceptualist and relationist theories of perception. A discussion of recent work in vision science rounds up this contribution to the philosophy of perception.

A Theory of Security Strategy for Our Time

Filename: a-theory-of-security-strategy-for-our-time.pdf
ISBN: 9780230106048
Release Date: 2010-03-15
Number of pages: 248
Author: S. Tang
Publisher: Springer

Download and read online A Theory of Security Strategy for Our Time in PDF and EPUB This book advances a coherent statement of defensive realism as a theory of strategy for our time and adds to our understanding of defensive realism as a grand theory of IR in particular and our understanding of IR in general and contributes to the ongoing debates among major paradigms of international relations.

A Theory of Intergenerational Justice

Filename: a-theory-of-intergenerational-justice.pdf
ISBN: 9781849774369
Release Date: 2009-12-01
Number of pages: 256
Author: Joerg Chet Tremmel
Publisher: Earthscan

Download and read online A Theory of Intergenerational Justice in PDF and EPUB This highly accessible book provides an extensive and comprehensive overview of current research and theory about why and how we should protect future generations. It exposes how and why the interests of people today and those of future generations are often in conflict and what can be done. It rebuts critical concepts such as Parfits' non-identity paradox and Beckerman's denial of any possibility of intergenerational justice. The core of the book is the lucid application of a veil of ignorance to derive principles of intergenerational justice which show that our duties to posterity are stronger than is often supposed. Tremmel's approach demands that each generation both consider and improve the well-being of future generations. To measure the well-being of future generations Tremmel employs the Human Development Index rather than the metrics of utilitarian subjective happiness. The book thus answers in detailed, concrete terms the two most important questions of every theory of intergenerational justice: what to sustain? and how much to sustain?

A Theory of Legal Sentences

Filename: a-theory-of-legal-sentences.pdf
ISBN: 9789400708488
Release Date: 2012-12-06
Number of pages: 194
Author: Manuel Atienza
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

Download and read online A Theory of Legal Sentences in PDF and EPUB Legal statements are, according to the authors, the most basic elements of the law. Nevertheless they must be considered not only as the pieces of a puzzle, but also as the components of a dynamic and highly complex reality: the law of contemporary society. The book presents an analysis of the different types of legal statements (mandatory rules, principles, power-conferring rules, definitions, permissions, values and the rule of recognition) from a threeefold perspective, that is, considering their logical structure, their function in legal reasoning as reasons for action, and their connections with the interests and power relationships among the individuals and the social groups. The result is conceived as a first step in the building of a general theory of law designed not as an isolated discourse but as a decisive element for the dynamization of the legal culture.

A Theory of Earth s Origin

Filename: a-theory-of-earth-s-origin.pdf
ISBN: 9780898754247
Release Date: 2001-06-01
Number of pages: 144
Author: Otto Schmidt
Publisher: The Minerva Group, Inc.

Download and read online A Theory of Earth s Origin in PDF and EPUB This book was originally published in 1949 and consists of four lectures which were delivered at the Academy of Sciences Geophysical Institute in 1948 on the author's hypothesis of the genesis of the Earth and other planets.

Gambling and Speculation

Filename: gambling-and-speculation.pdf
ISBN: 0521381800
Release Date: 1990-03-30
Number of pages: 286
Author: Reuven Brenner
Publisher: Cambridge University Press

Download and read online Gambling and Speculation in PDF and EPUB Gambling and Speculation takes the long, historic perspective of its controversial subject. The book offers not only a better understanding of the recent "gambling craze," but also a fundamental inquiry into human nature and the structure of societies. The Brenners argue that the negative image of gamblers and of speculators stems from prejudice, whose roots are in the distant, forgotten past. Legal scholars have frequently confused gambling with speculation and the anti-gambling laws were, at times, erroneously interpreted as implying the prohibitions of contracts in futures and insurance markets. One consequence of all this confusion was that during this century both in the United States and England, the legislation and law on betting and gambling became ambiguous. The authors touch on this issue and make policy recommendations: to abolish restrictions on the industry, diminish the states' role in selling lotteries, and, at the same time, make legal distinctions capable of helping the tiny percentage of players who might be "addicted." The Brenners' recommendations on gambling are based on their conclusion that gamblers are neither "mentally ill" nor "criminals" and that gambling does not lead its practitioners to poverty. Rather, it is the other way around: some of the poor and the frustrated gamble. Looking at gambling in this way leads to questions about the nature of society: What do the fortunate do for those who are not? What is society's obligation to people who fall behind in the game of life? Answers to these questions require a discussion on the principles of equality, capitalism, the role of religious influence on society, topics that the Brenners have discussed in their previous studies, and they do so here too, putting gambling within its proper, historical context.