Drawing for Beginners

Filename: drawing-for-beginners.pdf
ISBN: 9781311426109
Release Date: 2016-03-17
Number of pages: 275
Author: John Davidson
Publisher: Mendon Cottage Books

Download and read online Drawing for Beginners in PDF and EPUB Drawing for Beginners - Step By Step Guide to Drawing A fun book teaching how to draw using familiar items like wizards and horses. Step by step instructions with lots of examples. Learn basic sketching, Pencil illustration, charcoal drawing, pastels, watercolor and airbrush. Let your creative side move forward with this wonderful book teaching the skills to draw. Table of Contents Introduction How to draw a Cartoon Harry Potter Drawing Harry’s Body Drawing Harry in different poses How to Draw a Cartoon Horse Light source and Cast Shadow Cartoon Eyes More Horse Cartoons Cartoon Expressions Materials Cartoon Eyes Other Characters and Creatures Cartoons Various Gags and Caricatures The Basics: Sphere Cone Cube Cylinder How to render a Harry Potter with pencils How to Draw a Horse Drawing Horses in Different Poses How to Render a Horse with Pencils Charcoal Painting Rendering Harry Potter in Charcoal Rendering the Horse in Charcoal Learning about Color Colors Terms Pastel Painting Rendering Harry Potter in Pastels: Rendering the Horse in Pastels Watercolor Painting Application and Techniques in Watercolor Painting Ginny and Harry in Watercolor Painting the Horse in Watercolor Airbrush Painting Airbrushing Harry Potter Painting the Horse with Airbrush Author Bio

Drawing Horses

Filename: drawing-horses.pdf
ISBN: 9780929261720
Release Date: 2003-01-01
Number of pages: 32
Author: William Powell
Publisher: Walter Foster

Download and read online Drawing Horses in PDF and EPUB With assistance from Michele Maltseff, artist Walter T. Foster shows you how to render a variety of different horse breeds in pencil, with tips on adding touches with charcoal, crayon, and brush and ink. In this step-by-step book, he explains not only a number of drawing techniques and special effects but also his own method of developing a drawing to its fullest. You will learn about various breeds and their proportions, starting with their heads and then progressing to full bodies. And in addition to helpful drawing instruction, Horses also contains a wealth of beautiful equine drawings you can both copy and admire! ItÆs a fabulous addition to any artistÆs drawing reference library.

The Art of Drawing Painting Horses

Filename: the-art-of-drawing-painting-horses.pdf
ISBN: 9781600582370
Release Date: 2011-12-01
Number of pages: 144
Author: Patricia Getha
Publisher: Walter Foster Pub

Download and read online The Art of Drawing Painting Horses in PDF and EPUB For thousands of years, artists in cultures across the globe have been captivated by the grace and beauty of the horse, making it the subject of countless works of art. Now anyone can learn to capture the mysterious and powerful nature of this beloved animal by following the clear, easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions in this book. Whether an aspiring artist wants to draw or paint with oil, acrylic, pastel, or watercolor, this book contains all the information they need to get started. Materials and techniques specific to each of the five media in this 144-page book are clearly outlined and discussed before they are put to use in projects that any horse lover will enjoy. Beginning artists will learn all about the anatomy of the horse, features unique to different horse breeds, how to render lifelike horses in poses ranging from grazing to galloping, and much more.

Learn to Paint Horses and Dogs In Watercolor For The Absolute Beginner

Filename: learn-to-paint-horses-and-dogs-in-watercolor-for-the-absolute-beginner.pdf
ISBN: 9781310357497
Release Date: 2013-05-15
Number of pages: 65
Author: John Davidson
Publisher: JD-Biz Corp Publishing

Download and read online Learn to Paint Horses and Dogs In Watercolor For The Absolute Beginner in PDF and EPUB Learn to Paint Horses and Dogs In Watercolor For The Absolute Beginner TABLE OF CONTENTS Introduction: Materials Color Terms Primary Colors Secondary Colors Tertiary Colors Hue Values Saturation or Chroma Application and Techniques How to Use Your Brush How to Mix your Watercolor How to Make a Color Wheel How to Create Color Value Chart How to Create a Wash Rendering the Sphere Drawing the Outline Exercises The Mini Horse The Bulldog The Running Horse The Shih Tzu The Race Author Bio Bonus Content From Pencil Drawing for the Beginner – Animals Grid System Rendering the Cute Puppy Bonus Content From Pencil Drawing for the Beginner – Landscapes The Lone Tree in Pencil Read our other books on Amazon.com Introduction: Painting Horses and Dogs has never been easy, if you know where to begin and finish especially if it is done in Watercolor, This eBook will teach you the basic and the right approach to where to start by following the step-by-step exercises. What make the Horse so special is the form and contour of its shape, which signify gracefulness and speed, Let me also mention that 2014 is a year of the horse, according to Chinese calendar, and Horse is a friend of a Dog, so I also include it in our exercises, also as they are consider as “Man’s Best friend”. As you Read this eBook you will learn, more about colors and how to mix them for application, you will be making the Color Wheel which can help you distinguish the differences of one color to another, also you will learn how to use your brush and techniques when working with the exercises, and learn how to transfer your drawing the non-destructive way to maintain your work clean. By this I’m sure you will be painting Horses and Dogs very well after you learn all the exercises from this eBook, so as I always say give your 100% dedication, perseverance and patience. And you will reap all the benefits especially acquiring this new skill.

Drawing and Painting Horses

Filename: drawing-and-painting-horses.pdf
ISBN: 9780823014194
Release Date: 2000
Number of pages: 144
Author: Barbara Oelke

Download and read online Drawing and Painting Horses in PDF and EPUB Artist and teacher Oelke offers in-depth instruction in the art of drawing and painting horses, examining the development of time-honored equine art in sporting, portrait, and country life painting. She shows how line, shape, form, light, color, value, space, and design are applied to this field of art. The step-by-step lessons detail equine anatomy, skeletal structure, and musculature; differences among breeds; techniques for quick life sketching versus working from photographs; how to include riders on horseback; and basic landscape settings. Includes color reproductions of contemporary paintings. Annotation copyrighted by Book News Inc., Portland, OR

How to Draw Horses

Filename: how-to-draw-horses.pdf
ISBN: 184448372X
Release Date: 2009
Number of pages: 32
Author: Eva Dutton
Publisher: Search PressLtd

Download and read online How to Draw Horses in PDF and EPUB Contains illustrated, step-by-step instructions for drawing a range of horses in different positions using a technique based on simple shapes.

Drawing Horses Kit

Filename: drawing-horses-kit.pdf
ISBN: 9781600582844
Release Date: 2012-01-01
Number of pages: 32
Author: Patricia Getha
Publisher: Walter Foster Pub

Download and read online Drawing Horses Kit in PDF and EPUB This kit includes all the materials and instruction a beginner needs to draw a range of horses! Inside the project book, equine artists Patricia Getha and Michele Maltseff explore horse anatomy, proportion, and facial features before presenting step-by-step instructions for drawing an array of horse breeds in a variety of poses. Readers will learn to make beautiful artwork using graphite pencil, charcoal, and even watercolor—and all the materials artists need to begin right away are contained within the convenient carryall kit! The hardcover case includes a 40-page paperback book with corresponding Spanish translation, graphite pencils, paintbrush, black watercolor paint, charcoal, sharpener, blending stump, and drawing paper. Warning! This product is intended for use by ages 13 and older and is not intended for use by children.

Draw and Paint Realistic Horses

Filename: draw-and-paint-realistic-horses.pdf
ISBN: 9781440313967
Release Date: 2010-12-09
Number of pages: 128
Author: Jeanne Filler Scott
Publisher: North Light Books

Download and read online Draw and Paint Realistic Horses in PDF and EPUB Saddle up for some creative fun! The pure beauty and spirit of horses makes them a favorite subject for artists. With the friendly instruction in this book, rendering these magnificent animals is both achievable and fun, even for beginners. Step by step, Jeanne Filler Scott shows you how to draw and paint the elegant lines, graceful movements and unique personalities that capture your heart. 12 start-to-finish projects cover a variety of poses and subjects, from stately portraits of race horses to cute foals at play Step-by-step demonstrations show how to depict accurate anatomy, powerful legs, flowing manes, expressive eyes, authentic coat colors and other key elements of realistic likenesses Profiles outline the distinguishing characteristics and proportions of popular breeds and various stages of maturity Rundowns on basic tools and techniques help you get started in pencil, acrylics and oils From taking reference photos to painting backgrounds, from formal portraits to everyday pasture scenes, this book covers everything you need to turn your love of horses into enjoyable and lifelike art.

Drawing and Painting Horses

Filename: drawing-and-painting-horses.pdf
ISBN: 1844485439
Release Date: 2012
Number of pages: 128
Author: Eva Dutton
Publisher: Search PressLtd

Download and read online Drawing and Painting Horses in PDF and EPUB Provides step-by-step instructions for five projects in various mediums, from simple drawing exercises for studying horse head and neck details, to painting projects that emphasize color and technique.

Draw and Paint 50 Animals

Filename: draw-and-paint-50-animals.pdf
ISBN: 9781440321177
Release Date: 2013-01-21
Number of pages: 272
Author: Jeanne Filler Scott
Publisher: North Light Books

Download and read online Draw and Paint 50 Animals in PDF and EPUB Turn your love of animals into art you adore! From her family farm in Kentucky, artist Jeanne Filler Scott spends her days joyfully surrounded by pets, barnyard animals and wildlife. In this book, she shares her love of animals and her easy techniques for capturing their beauty and charm in acrylics, oils and pencil. 50 paint-along projects--complete with reference photos, color lists and illustrated step-by-step directions. Simple methods for realistic results. A wide range of subjects ranging from pets and farm animals to wildlife and exotics. Tips for achieving convincing fur textures, lifelike expressions and a variety of natural settings. A tremendous value for artists of every age and skill level, this big collection features the best instruction on a menagerie of subjects for your creative enjoyment--from loveable dogs, proud felines and cute bunnies to magnificent stallions and regal peacocks. With the help of this book, you can turn inspiration from your favorite animals into rewarding artwork.

How to Draw for Kids Horses and Ponies

Filename: how-to-draw-for-kids-horses-and-ponies.pdf
ISBN: 1544833938
Release Date: 2017-03-21
Number of pages: 44
Author: Sachin Sachdeva

Download and read online How to Draw for Kids Horses and Ponies in PDF and EPUB Learn to Draw different kinds of Horses & Ponies is a step-by-step guide, easy to use drawing book which shows how simple it is to draw your favorite horses like Appaloosa, Arabian, Dales Pony, Caspian, American Paint, Icelandic Horse and many more. Suitable for children Ages 6-12. Each page has 8 - 10 drawing steps to follow which will help you become a better artist than you are now! Let's get started and have some fun, gather some pencils, plain paper or sketch pad, sharpener and eraser. Over the past 11 years, game designer "Sachin Sachdeva" has published more than 400 educational games, played by over millions of people worldwide and still counting.

Drawing and Painting Horses

Filename: drawing-and-painting-horses.pdf
ISBN: 9781847976000
Release Date: 2013-11-30
Number of pages: 192
Author: Alison Wilson
Publisher: Crowood

Download and read online Drawing and Painting Horses in PDF and EPUB Horses may seem to be a challenging subject for an artist, but this book makes equestrian drawing and painting accessible. It explains the fundamental principles of drawing before guiding the reader through the advanced methods of painting a horse. With beautiful illustrations throughout in graphite pencil and oils, this book informs and helps every artist who wants to improve or develop their equestrian work. Topics covered include: an introduction to traditional subjects; drawing materials and methods; working from life; horse anatomy, structure and gaits; exercises in drawing and painting; selecting subjects and using preliminary drawings and sketches.An authoritative and beautiful guide to drawing and painting horses, aimed at all artists particularly equestrian and beautifully illustrated with 224 graphite and oil illustrations.

Oil Acrylic

Filename: oil-acrylic.pdf
ISBN: 9781600583049
Release Date: 2012-12-15
Number of pages: 32
Author: Lorraine Gray
Publisher: Walter Foster Pub

Download and read online Oil Acrylic in PDF and EPUB Covers the techniques of painting a variety of pets, including a Dalmatian, a horse, and a cockatoo, along with information on tools, materials, and how to render fur.

Pastel Horses Ponies

Filename: pastel-horses-ponies.pdf
ISBN: 1600582230
Release Date: 2011-05-01
Number of pages: 32
Author: Lesley Harrison
Publisher: Walter Foster Publishing

Download and read online Pastel Horses Ponies in PDF and EPUB In this comprehensive and inspiring instruction book, professional artist Lesley Harrison shares her artistic insights and techniques for creating breathtakingly realistic equine artwork in pastel. The book opens with essential information on tools, materials, color theory, and fundamental pastel techniques, introducing beginners to everything they need to get started right away. Then Lesley guides readers through eight easy-to-follow lessons, with helpful tips each step of the way.


Filename: horses.pdf
ISBN: 1560108436
Release Date: 2004-09-30
Number of pages: 31
Author: Elin Pendleton
Publisher: Walter Foster Pub

Download and read online Horses in PDF and EPUB This new addition to the How to Draw and Paint Series provides aspiring artists with 13 horse painting projects to follow and copy, from a playful palomino to a hard-working draft horse. Renowned artist Elin Pendleton guides readers through each lesson, step-by-step, from the initial colour blocking to a detailed, finished work of art. And along the way, the author reveals useful insights that will help readers in their own artistic pursuits with acrylic. Carefully designed to contain a variety of breeds, poses and moods, this book will be a valuable reference for any horse-admiring artist.