Handbook of Benzoxazine Resins

Filename: handbook-of-benzoxazine-resins.pdf
ISBN: 9780444537911
Release Date: 2011-07-13
Number of pages: 712
Author: Hatsuo Ishida
Publisher: Elsevier

Download and read online Handbook of Benzoxazine Resins in PDF and EPUB This handbook provides a wide overview of the field, fundamental understanding of the synthetic methods and structure/property correlation, as well as studies related to applications in a wide range of subjects. The handbook also provides 1H and 13C NMR spectra, FTIR spectra, DSC and TGA thermograms to aid in research activities. Additional tables on key NMR and FTIR frequencies unique to benzoxazine, heat of polymerization, Tg, and char yield will greatly aid in the choice of proper benzoxazine for a specific application. Provides thorough coverage of the chemistry and applications of benzoxazine resins with an evidence-based approach to enable chemists, engineers and material scientists to evaluate effectiveness Features spectra, which allow researchers to compare results, avoid repetition and save time as well as tables on key NMR frequency, IR frequency, heat of polymerization, of many benzoxazine resins to aid them in selection of materials Written by the foremost experts in the field

Advanced and Emerging Polybenzoxazine Science and Technology

Filename: advanced-and-emerging-polybenzoxazine-science-and-technology.pdf
ISBN: 9780128041857
Release Date: 2017-01-18
Number of pages: 1126
Author: Hatsuo Ishida
Publisher: Elsevier

Download and read online Advanced and Emerging Polybenzoxazine Science and Technology in PDF and EPUB Advanced and Emerging Polybenzoxazine Science and Technology introduces advanced topics of benzoxazine resins and polybenzoxazines as presented through the collaboration of leading experts in the benzoxazine community, representing the authoritative introduction to the subjects. Broad topics covered include the recent development and improved understanding of the subjects, including low temperature cure, aerogels and carbon aerogels, smart chemistry in fire retarding materials and coatings, metal containing benzoxazines, rational design of advanced properties, and materials from natural renew. In the past twenty years, the number of papers on polybenzoxazine has continuously increased at an exponential rate. During the past three years, the number of papers published is more than the previous 17 years combined. The material is now part of only a few successfully commercialized polymers in the past 35 years. Therefore, interest in this material in both academia and industry is very strong. Includes the latest advancements in benzoxazine chemistry Describes advanced materials, such as aerogels, carbons, smart coatings, nanofibers, and shape memory materials Includes additional characterization data and techniques, such as FT-IR, Raman, NMR, DSC, and TGA analyses

Chemistry and Technology of Epoxy Resins

Filename: chemistry-and-technology-of-epoxy-resins.pdf
ISBN: 9789401129329
Release Date: 2012-12-06
Number of pages: 332
Author: Bryan Ellis
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

Download and read online Chemistry and Technology of Epoxy Resins in PDF and EPUB Epoxy resins have been commercially available for about 45 years and now have many major industrial applications, especially where technical advantages warrant their somewhat higher costs. The chemistry of these resins is fascinating and has attracted study by many very able scientists. The technological applications of the epoxy resins are very demanding and there are many new developments each year. The aims of the present book are to present in a compact form both theoretical and practical information that will assist in the study, research and innovations in the field of epoxy resin science and technology. The literature on epoxy resins is so vast that it is not possible to be encyclopaedic and that is not the function of the present text. It is the editor's hope that the selection of topics discussed will provide an up-to-date survey. There is some overlap in the chapters but this is minimal and so each chapter is essentially self contained. As with all chemicals there are toxicological and other hazards. These are not dealt with in this text since a little knowledge can be dangerous, but material supplied can provide information regarding any safety precautions that may be necessary. However, often these precautions are not onerous and epoxy resins, or more specifically the hardeners, can be handled readily. It is hoped that this text will provide an up-to-date outline of the science and technology of epoxy resins and stimulate further research into unsolved problems and assist further technological developments.

Handbook of Thermoset Plastics

Filename: handbook-of-thermoset-plastics.pdf
ISBN: 9781455731091
Release Date: 2013-11-28
Number of pages: 800
Author: Hanna Dodiuk
Publisher: William Andrew

Download and read online Handbook of Thermoset Plastics in PDF and EPUB Thermosetting plastics are a distinct category of plastics whose high performance, durability and reliability at high temperatures makes them suitable for specialty applications ranging from automotive and aerospace through to electronic packaging and consumer products (your melamine kitchen worktop is a thermoset resin!). Recent developments in thermoset plastics technology and processes has broadened their use exponentially over recent years, and these developments continue: in November 2011, French scientists created a new lightweight thermoset that is as strong and stable as previous materials yet can be easily reworked and reshaped when heated which makes it unique amongst thermosets and allows for repair and recycling. The Handbook of Thermoset Plastics, now in its 3rd edition, provides a comprehensive survey of the chemical processes, manufacturing techniques and design properties of each polymer, along with their applications. Written by a team of highly experienced practitioners, the practical implications of using thermoset plastics are presented – both their strengths and weaknesses. The data and descriptions presented here enable engineers, scientists and technicians to form judgments and take action on the basis of informed analysis. The aim of the book is to help the reader to make the right decision and take the correct action – avoiding the pitfalls the authors’ experience has uncovered. The new edition has been updated throughout to reflect current practice in manufacturing and processing, featuring: Case Studies to demonstrate how particular properties make different polymers suitable for different applications, as well as covering end-use and safety considerations. A new chapter on using nanoparticles to enhance thermal and mechanical properties. A new chapter describing new materials based on renewable resources (such as soy-based thermoset plastics). A new chapter covering recent developments and potential future technologies such as new catalysts for Controlled Radical Polymerization. Goodman and Dodiuk-Kenig provide a comprehensive reference guide to the chemistry, manufacturing and applications of thermosets. Updated to include recent developments in manufacturing – from biopolymers to nanocomposites. Case Studies illustrate applications of key thermoset plastics.


Filename: polybenzoxazines.pdf
ISBN: 1847355013
Release Date: 2010
Number of pages: 180
Author: Santhosh Kumar K. S.
Publisher: Smithers Rapra Technology

Download and read online Polybenzoxazines in PDF and EPUB Polybenzoxazine is a novel class of thermosetting material that belongs to the family of addition-curable phenolic resins. It is a promising high temperature polymer in view of its outstanding thermal, physical, and mechanical properties that are beneficial for their application in aerospace and microelectronics industries. The first objective of this book is to provide the reader with information on the developments and properties of contemporary thermosetting polymers, along with the chemistry and curing kinetics of polybenzoxazines. The unique properties of polybenzoxazines originate from their hydrogen-bonded structures. The second objective of this book is to furnish detailed information on the syntheses and properties of various polybenzoxazines prepared from different monomers. They are categorised mainly into two types; firstly, the benzoxazine monomers containing additional crosslinking groups such as maleimide, nitrile, propargyl, acetylene, furan etc. The other is based on monomers synthesised from different phenols and amines of varying backbone structures. The third objective of this book is to elaborate the preparation and properties of the modified polybenzoxazines such as their blends and nanocomposites. The final objective of this book is to provide specific information on the degradation chemistry of polybenzoxazines under thermal, photochemical and chemical environments. The potential areas of application of these polymer systems are highlighted. This volume is intended to be a quick reference to researchers from the academia and industries on polybenzoxazine science.

Handbook of Thermoset Plastics

Filename: handbook-of-thermoset-plastics.pdf
ISBN: 9780128090626
Release Date: 2013-11-28
Number of pages: 800
Author: K.S. Santhosh Kumar
Publisher: Elsevier Inc. Chapters

Download and read online Handbook of Thermoset Plastics in PDF and EPUB Polybenzoxazines (PBz) belong to the family of new generation phenolic resins. They have emerged as addition-curable polymers. This feature obviates many of the shortcomings associated with conventional phenolic resins. They are endowed with excellent thermal, physical, and thermo-physical properties, and surpass the features of many conventional and state-of-the-art polymers. These unique materials offer extraordinary characteristics: near zero shrinkage, no release of volatiles during cure, high Tg, low flammability, and high UV and chemical stabilities. Given the breadth of molecular design flexibility, a wide variety of polybenzoxazines can be developed. PBz equipped with additional curing groups can generally enhance the overall thermal and mechanical properties. Blends with epoxy resins, cyanate esters, and bismaleimides offer other opportunities for fine-tuning properties. This chapter gives an account of the developments of PBz materials from their inception to the current level of application in engineering areas.

Synthetic Methods in Step Growth Polymers

Filename: synthetic-methods-in-step-growth-polymers.pdf
ISBN: 0471461377
Release Date: 2003-08-08
Number of pages: 605
Author: Martin E. Rogers
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

Download and read online Synthetic Methods in Step Growth Polymers in PDF and EPUB Synthetic Methods in Step-Growth Polymers provides a concise source of information on synthetic techniques, purification, and characterization methods for step-growth polymers and also addresses future synthetic trends.

Flame Retardants for Plastics and Textiles

Filename: flame-retardants-for-plastics-and-textiles.pdf
ISBN: 3446416528
Release Date: 2009
Number of pages: 297
Author: Edward D. Weil
Publisher: Hanser Verlag

Download and read online Flame Retardants for Plastics and Textiles in PDF and EPUB "For several years, the authors have taught a short course on flame retardancy under the auspices of the Business Communications Corp. This course has been found useful by persons entering the field of flame retardancy or who were facing particular problems of flame retarding plastics"--Provided by publisher.

Phenolic Resins

Filename: phenolic-resins.pdf
ISBN: 3540655174
Release Date: 2000
Number of pages: 560
Author: A. Gardziella
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

Download and read online Phenolic Resins in PDF and EPUB A backward glance of the many new industries that emerged in the 20th century would surely recognize communications, automobile, aircraft, computer and several others that have had a global impact on world economy. Yet another industry, and an often neglected industry, made its debut early in the 20th century - the Plastics Industry. The Plastics Industry owes its identity to the brilliance of Dr. Leo Hendrik Baekeland (1863 -1944). He discovered the technique, currently in use to this day, to manu facture highly crosslinked plastics by transforming monomerk and/or oligomeric phenolic materials into attractive phenolic products. Today phenolics represent one of the many different types of com mercially available plastics (thermoset and thermoplastic). Phenolics are distinguished by a broad array of application areas that utilize phenolics as compared to other thermoset or thermoplastic resins. Thermoplastic resins transformed into molded products, films or synthetic fibers (polypropylene as an example) are rapidly recognized as "plastics" whereas the phenolic resin is a component in a material system and the identity of the phenolic resin within the system is not easily identified as "plastic". These systems consist of fiber reinforced composites, honeycomb paneling, electrical Iaminates, acid resistant coatings, wood panels, glass fiber or rock wool insulation. Phenolic resin identity is hidden and has little consumer recognition or identity.

Polymer Data Handbook

Filename: polymer-data-handbook.pdf
ISBN: 0195181018
Release Date: 2009
Number of pages: 1250
Author: James E. Mark
Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA

Download and read online Polymer Data Handbook in PDF and EPUB This new edition includes better values of properties already reported, properties not reported in time for the earlier edition, and entirely new properties becoming important for modern polymer applications. It also contains 217 total polymers, 20 of which are all-new, particularly in high-technology areas such as eletrical conductivity, non-linear optical properties, microlithography, nanophotonics, and electroluminescences. Examples of specific polymers include silsesquoxane ladder polymers, 'foldamer' self-assembling polymers, and block copolymers that phase separate into 'mushrooms', ellipsoids, and sheets with on surface radically different in properties from the other.

Thermal Degradation of Polymeric Materials

Filename: thermal-degradation-of-polymeric-materials.pdf
ISBN: 185957498X
Release Date: 2005-01-01
Number of pages: 306
Author: Krzysztof Pielichowski
Publisher: iSmithers Rapra Publishing

Download and read online Thermal Degradation of Polymeric Materials in PDF and EPUB Understanding the thermal degradation of polymers is of paramount importance for developing a rational technology of polymer processing and higher-temperature applications. Controlling degradation requires understanding of many different phenomena, including chemical mechanisms, the influence of polymer morphology, the complexities of oxidation chemistry, and the effects of stabilisers, fillers and other additives. This book offers a wealth of information for polymer researchers and processors requiring an understanding of the implications of thermal degradation on material and product performance.

Handbook of Machining with Grinding Wheels

Filename: handbook-of-machining-with-grinding-wheels.pdf
ISBN: 9781420017649
Release Date: 2006-12-21
Number of pages: 632
Author: Ioan D. Marinescu
Publisher: CRC Press

Download and read online Handbook of Machining with Grinding Wheels in PDF and EPUB Grinding offers capabilities that range from high-rate material removal to high-precision superfinishing, and has become one of the most widely used industrial machining and surface finishing operations. Reflecting modern developments in the science and practice of modern grinding processes, the Handbook of Machining with Grinding Wheels presents a broad range of abrasive machining technologies with a focus on the fundamental concepts and practical applications. Written by an international team of experts unrivalled in their experience and standing in the field, this comprehensive reference takes a unified approach to abrasive machining that emphasizes the underlying physical principles and how this knowledge can best be applied to solving new grinding problems. Coverage is split neatly into two main sections, with the first dedicated to basic concepts such as grinding parameters, removal mechanisms, abrasive characteristics, and economic efficiency. The remainder of the book addresses applications, including grinding of ductile and brittle materials, grinding machines, and surface, cylindrical, internal, centerless, and ultrasonic-assisted grinding. Reflecting the diverse research and industrial experience of the authors, the Handbook of Machining with Grinding Wheels combines theoretical and practical information into an authoritative and convenient reference source. It will help deepen knowledge and sharpen problem-solving skills applied to practically any industrial grinding challenge.

Printed Circuits Handbook Seventh Edition

Filename: printed-circuits-handbook-seventh-edition.pdf
ISBN: 9780071833967
Release Date: 2016-02-15
Number of pages: 1504
Author: Clyde Coombs
Publisher: McGraw Hill Professional

Download and read online Printed Circuits Handbook Seventh Edition in PDF and EPUB The world's leading guide to printed circuits—completely updated to include the latest tools, technology, and techniques The de facto industry-standard for over 30 years, this practical guide equips you with definitive coverage of every facet of printed circuit assemblies—from design methods to fabrication processes. Now thoroughly revised and updated, this book offers cutting-edge coverage of printed circuit engineering, fabrication, construction, soldering, testing, and repair. Printed Circuits Handbook, Seventh Edition features all new, critical guidance on how to create, manage, and measure performance throughout the global supply chain. Written by a team of international experts from both industry and academia, this comprehensive volume offers new information on geographical specialization as well as the latest phase of the EUs Directive on the Restriction of Hazardous Substances (ROHS II). Fully overhauled to cover the latest scientific and technical developments Brand-new coverage of printed circuit supply chain technology and geographical specialization Complete explanations of new EU safety directives for halogen-free base materials

Polymer Handbook 2 Volumes Set

Filename: polymer-handbook-2-volumes-set.pdf
ISBN: 0471479365
Release Date: 2003-05-29
Number of pages: 2336
Author: J. Brandrup
Publisher: Wiley-Interscience

Download and read online Polymer Handbook 2 Volumes Set in PDF and EPUB This handbook, first published in 1998, is now available as a 2 volume set. This one-stop reference brings together all the data needed in theoretical and experimental polymer research. "...one of the most useful references available to the community...[It] should be available to all in the polymer sciences."-Polymer News "Highly recommended for public, university, and special libraries with collections in polymer science"-New York Public Library/ New Technical Books

Wiley Encyclopedia of Composites

Filename: wiley-encyclopedia-of-composites.pdf
ISBN: 0470275650
Release Date: 2012
Number of pages: 600
Author: Luigi Nicolais
Publisher: Wiley

Download and read online Wiley Encyclopedia of Composites in PDF and EPUB "This Wiley Encyclopedia of Composites, Second Edition includes 265 articles on composite materials and related processing technologies, most of which are completely new to this edition. Articles address properties, processing, formulation, design, analysis, evaluation, manufacture, testing, and reliability. The entire range of industrial applications of composites is covered"--