Fracking America

Filename: fracking-america.pdf
ISBN: 0942991273
Release Date: 2016-01-15
Number of pages: 690
Author: Walter M. Brasch
Publisher: Greeley & Stone Publishers, LLC

Download and read online Fracking America in PDF and EPUB About the book: "Fracking America," by Dr. Walter M. Brasch, is a comprehensive and well-documented look at the impacts of a controversial process to extract gas and oil from more than a mile below the earth's surface. It is a cross-over book that meets the demanding standards of academic scholarship, while also being easily readable by the general population. Among the chapters are those that focus upon the economic, political, health, and environmental impacts of fracking. The book also includes chapters about the history of oil/gas extraction, psychological and sociological effects upon those living in the shale areas, worker safety issues, effects upon agriculture and livestock, problems with fossil fuel transportation, theological perspectives about fracking and the environment, the anti-fracking movement, how the media cover the fracking industry and how the industry and those opposed to fracking use the media, and renewable energy. He also looks at colleges that allow fracking on their campuses and which also conduct, often for questionable motives and with grant money from the industry, research into fracking that reflects industry talking points. "Fracking America" presents complicated issues in an easy-to-understand fashion, while also humanizing the problems. Dr. Brasch interviewed more than 300 persons--including health and environmental professionals and citizen-activists, those who work in the industry, government officials, and those directly affected by the fracking process--in his research for the book. The book also reveals the often secret connections between politicians and the industry. It is this connection that has led to exaggerated claims about economic benefits, while disregarding health and environmental problems. The long-term benefits that politicians and the industry claim are nothing less than hype, says the author who had predicted the "boom" to "bubble" to "bust" in fracking long before it has become economically difficult for many oil and gas extraction corporations to survive. About the Author: Dr. Brasch, whose undergraduate work was in sciences and sociology/social welfare, is a former newspaper and magazine reporter and editor, and former writer-producer of multimedia productions. He is professor emeritus of journalism and mass communications from the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education. Currently, he is a syndicated social issues columnist and commentator on social issues for the Sunbury Broadcasting Corp. Fracking America is his 20th book, most of which fuse history with contemporary social issues. He has won more than 200 media awards, including multiple awards from the National Society of Newspaper Columnists, National Federation of Press Women, Society of Professional Journalists, Associated Press Broadcasters Association, Pennsylvania Women's Press Association, Press Club of Southern California, Pacific Coast Press Club, and California Newspaper Publishers Association. He is also the recipient of the Pennsylvania Press Club's Communicator of Achievement award for lifetime service to journalism.


Filename: fracking.pdf
ISBN: 9780983573104
Release Date: 2012
Number of pages: 320
Author: John H. Graves
Publisher: John H Graves

Download and read online Fracking in PDF and EPUB Energy opportunities and challenges

The Real Cost of Fracking

Filename: the-real-cost-of-fracking.pdf
ISBN: 9780807081419
Release Date: 2015-09-01
Number of pages: 248
Author: Michelle Bamberger
Publisher: Beacon Press

Download and read online The Real Cost of Fracking in PDF and EPUB A pharmacologist and a veterinarian pull back the curtain on the human and animal health effects of hydraulic fracturing, or "fracking" Across the country, fracking--the extraction of natural gas by hydraulic fracturing--is being touted as the nation's answer to energy independence and a fix for a flagging economy. Drilling companies assure us that the process is safe, politicians push through drilling legislation without a serious public-health debate, and those who speak out are marginalized, their silence purchased by gas companies and their warnings about the dangers of fracking stifled. The Real Cost of Fracking pulls back the curtain on how this toxic process endangers the environment and harms people, pets, and livestock. Michelle Bamberger, a veterinarian, and Robert Oswald, a pharmacologist, combine their expertise to show how contamination at drilling sites translates into ill health and heartbreak for families and their animals. By giving voice to the people at ground zero of the fracking debate, the authors vividly illustrate the consequences of fracking and issue an urgent warning to all of us: fracking poses a dire threat to the air we breathe, the water we drink, and even our food supply. Bamberger and Oswald reveal the harrowing experiences of small farmers who have lost their animals, their livelihoods, and their peace of mind, and of rural families whose property values have plummeted as their towns have been invaded by drillers. At the same time, these stories give us hope, as people band together to help one another and courageously fight to reclaim their communities. The debate over fracking speaks to a core dilemma of contemporary life: we require energy to live with modern conveniences, but what degree of environmental degradation, health risks, and threats to our food supply are we willing to accept to obtain that energy? As these stories demonstrate, the stakes couldn't be higher, and this is an issue that none of us can afford to ignore. From the Hardcover edition.

The Fracking Truth

Filename: the-fracking-truth.pdf
ISBN: 0985070374
Release Date: 2014-06-15
Number of pages: 164
Author: Chris Faulkner

Download and read online The Fracking Truth in PDF and EPUB The revolution has already begun. The fracking revolution, that is. The Fracking Truth is a primer on America's ongoing energy revolution, but it's also a call to action. The oil and gas industry has failed itself and failed the American public by doing a poor job of educating the public on fracking and related technologies that have created the American energy revolution. Readers will learn about the myths and the truths of the controversial practice of fracking, how the United States is benefitting from the fracking boom, and how fracking can actually help the US and the world achieve climate change goals. The Fracking Truth seeks to bridge the information gap between public perception and an industry that fuels our daily lives, our national economy, and our future. After years of economic devastation and turmoil, the energy boom driven by fracking gives us a second chance at security, prosperity, and global leadership. Let's hope we get it right.

Federalism and the Making of America

Filename: federalism-and-the-making-of-america.pdf
ISBN: 9781315394480
Release Date: 2017-09-11
Number of pages: 238
Author: David Brian Robertson
Publisher: Routledge

Download and read online Federalism and the Making of America in PDF and EPUB ? Though Americans rarely appreciate it, federalism has profoundly shaped their nation’s past, present, and future. Federalism—the division of government authority between the national government and the states—affects the prosperity, security, and daily life of every American. Some of the most spectacular political conflicts in American history have been fought on the battlefield of federalism, including states’ rights to leave the union, government power to regulate business, and responses to the problems of race, poverty, pollution, abortion, and gay rights. In the second edition of this nuanced and comprehensive text, David Brian Robertson shows that past choices shape present circumstances, and that a deep understanding of American government, public policy, political processes, and society requires an understanding of the key steps in federalism’s evolution in American history. New to the Second Edition Emphasizes that federalism is a battleground that shapes every life inAmerica. Extensively revised and updated, including new coverage of recent controversies like Ferguson, immigration, climate change, Obamacare, gay rights, the minimum wage, political polarization, voter identification, fracking, and marijuana legalization. Brings together the newest developments in history, political science, law,and related disciplines to show how federalism influences government and politics today. Includes chapter-opening vignettes that deal with contemporary cases and policy challenges. ?


Filename: fracture.pdf
ISBN: 188816090X
Release Date: 2016-02-14
Number of pages: 490
Author: Stefanie Brook Trout
Publisher: Ice Cube Books

Download and read online Fracture in PDF and EPUB Fracture: Essays, Poems, and Stories on Fracking in America brings together a choir of established and emerging writers, giving voice to the complexities of hydraulic fracturing across the United States. During a time in which so much information is known about fracking, art is needed to move the public consciousness and national conversation towards better land practices. In the tradition of Wallace Stegners This is Dinosaur, Terry Tempest Williams and Stephen Trimbles Testimony, and Rick Bass and David James Duncans The Heart of the Monster, Fracture braids together essays, poems, and fiction to help bring new understanding to the plight of fracking.

Resource Exploitation in Native North America A Plague upon the Peoples

Filename: resource-exploitation-in-native-north-america-a-plague-upon-the-peoples.pdf
ISBN: 9781440831850
Release Date: 2016-01-11
Number of pages: 221
Author: Bruce E. Johansen
Publisher: ABC-CLIO

Download and read online Resource Exploitation in Native North America A Plague upon the Peoples in PDF and EPUB This wide-ranging survey of the environmental damage to Native American lands and peoples in North America—in recent times as well as previous decades—documents the continuing impact on the health, wellness, land, and communities of indigenous peoples. • Exposes readers to complete and current information about the severe environmental and health concerns that American Indians living on reservations experience due to environmental degradation • Encourages awareness of the issues tribal governments and Indian communities commonly face in balancing economic rewards and environmental and health consequences • Provides important historical context to support readers' understanding of the present-day situation of American Indians and reservation life

America s Fifth Column

Filename: america-s-fifth-column.pdf
ISBN: 9781631355776
Release Date: 2014-12-23
Number of pages: 250
Author: Dennis B. Malpass
Publisher: Strategic Book Publishing & Rights Agency

Download and read online America s Fifth Column in PDF and EPUB President Barack Obama promised that his administration would fundamentally transform America. A tenet of this book is that leftists and fifth columnists have been fundamentally transforming the United States for more than a century. Apparently, they believe that America’s capitalist system and democratic form of governance should be replaced with socialism. They have community organized, spied, agitated, obfuscated, taxed, committed voter fraud, and incited class warfare to weaken and polarize the country. Transformation started as a ripple of collectivism during the tenures of Teddy Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson, gained momentum during the socialistic administrations of FDR and LBJ, and has become a tsunami in the Obama years. Even worse, changes on the horizon make it a near certainty that liberals will dominate elections after the midpoint of the 21st century. This book examines the wages of liberalism, including injurious ideological environmentalism, unfair taxes, stultifying political correctness, and incompetence and corruption in government.

The Fracking Debate

Filename: the-fracking-debate.pdf
ISBN: 9781315318639
Release Date: 2017-08-07
Number of pages: 272
Author: Jonathan M. Fisk
Publisher: Routledge

Download and read online The Fracking Debate in PDF and EPUB The disputes around fracking, and oil and gas policy, follow a long tradition of complicated intergovernmental relationships. Proponents argue that fracking supports new and well-paying jobs, revitalizes state and local economies, and that it can help replace reliance on other fossil fuels. Skeptics and opponents contend that oil and gas production via fracking contaminates air and water resources, causes earthquakes, and can ruin the character of many communities. Examining the intergovernmental politics of the first oil and natural gas boom of the 21st century, The Fracking Debate, Second edition offers a holistic understanding of the politics that characterize oil and natural gas operations, including why local governments are challenging their state’s preemptive authority, in order to initiate a larger conversation about improving intergovernmental relationships. Author Jonathan Fisk presents a novel argument about the ways in which local, state, regional, and national approaches to governance of shale gas development can work together to reduce conflict and forward the interests of the communities exposed to development, asking important questions such as: What state structures govern state-local relations? What state institutions impact and shape oil and gas production? What is the policymaking context in the state? What are the costs and benefits of hydraulic fracturing at the national, state, and local levels? How are risks and rewards distributed within states?? What local policies have challenged the state, and why would local communities challenge the state? The result is a book that demonstrates that when stakeholders acknowledge their interdependencies and one another’s expertise, they create, design, and implement more responsive, strategic, and targeted public policies.? The Fracking Debate, Second edition will be required reading for courses on oil and gas policy in the United States, environmental politics, and domestic energy politics, as well as a vital reference for practitioners and policymakers working in these fields.?

Cancer in American Democracy

Filename: cancer-in-american-democracy.pdf
ISBN: 9781457543517
Release Date: 2015-12-23
Number of pages: 208
Author: Frederick Parker
Publisher: Dog Ear Publishing

Download and read online Cancer in American Democracy in PDF and EPUB This book describes how money in politics corrodes every aspect of our lives and our economy. Each chapter deals with how the “cancer” is progressing and has a prescribed “cure” that the reader will find comforting. Listed below are the subjects covered in each chapter: Money in Politics and Decline of Democracy show the corruption in Congress and the effect that money has in our election processes. Instead of one man one vote we have one dollar one vote. The Constitution deals with how politicians sometimes misinterpret the intentions of our founding fathers in order to push their own agendas. The Supreme Court deals with how judges inject their own prejudices into our lives and how that affects mainstream Americans. Political Parties, and the Presidency deal with our convoluted election processes, and show how gerrymandering distorts our elections. The 2008 Financial Crisis, the Economy, and Deficits and Debts deal with the economic impact of our fiscal mismanagement. Inequality deals with the disturbing trend of the rising gap between the wealthy and our middle classes. Social Programs and Health Care deals with the impact that our lawmakers have on our welfare system and how we could improve those programs. Foreign policy paints a picture of how our past and present policies failed and what would be the correct policy in the future. The role of Government deals with how much Government interference can be too much or too little. Technology and Solutions for the Future will leave the reader with an optimistic view of the world benefiting from new technologies, and describes a utopian view of how we could reform our political systems.

I Drink Your Milkshake

Filename: i-drink-your-milkshake.pdf
ISBN: 1518832571
Release Date: 2015-10-29
Number of pages: 136
Author: Paul Fredrikson

Download and read online I Drink Your Milkshake in PDF and EPUB Paul Fredrikson's award-winning look at the environmental impact of fracking

America in the Age of Trump

Filename: america-in-the-age-of-trump.pdf
ISBN: 9781594039485
Release Date: 2017-07-04
Number of pages: 344
Author: Douglas E. Schoen
Publisher: Encounter Books

Download and read online America in the Age of Trump in PDF and EPUB America in the Age of Trump is a bracing, essential look at the failure of a great nation to meet the needs of its people and the challenges of the age—and the resulting collapse of public trust in government, as well as a pervasive crisis of national values, from broken families to a loss of faith in the American idea itself. This crisis of values occurs just as the country faces an unprecedented array of fiscal, economic, social, and national-security challenges—out of control federal spending, frighteningly large deficits, massive gaps of income and opportunity, cultural division, and a dangerous world in which American power seems increasingly incidental. In America in the Age of Trump, Douglas E. Schoen and Jessica Tarlov offer a definitive and unique assessment of a nation in turmoil, looking beneath well-known problems to identify underlying yet poorly understood causes. Readers will confront the crises, one by one: of trust, values, and governance; of education, economic opportunity, and fiscal solvency; of national security, domestic tranquility, and race relations. America in the Age of Trump gathers in one place a clear and comprehensive evaluation of the fundamental issues confronting the American future while offering bold, fresh approaches to meeting these challenges. Other books have described the specter of American decline, but none has been so comprehensive in its diagnosis or forward-looking—and non-ideological—in its remedies, explaining how we might yet overcome national self-doubt to reclaim our traditional optimism, reassert our place in the world, and secure a prosperous future for our citizens.

Obama s America

Filename: obama-s-america.pdf
ISBN: 1596983167
Release Date: 2012-08-13
Number of pages: 400
Author: Dinesh D'Souza
Publisher: Regnery Publishing

Download and read online Obama s America in PDF and EPUB In his controversial New York Times bestseller, The Roots of Obama’s Rage, Dinesh D’Souza answered the question on everyone’s mind: why is President Obama hell-bent on seeing America fail? The reason, D’Souza explained, is Obama’s fervent anti-colonial ideology. Now, in his blockbuster follow-up, Obama’s America, D’Souza shows how President Obama is applying his anti-colonial ideology to unmake America and turn it into a country our Founders would hardly recognize. Obama came into office with an eight-year plan for America, argues D’Souza. In almost four years, he’s crippled our economy, healthcare system, and global stature through invasive big-government policies. If he’s re-elected in 2012, he will be able to finish the job, and destroy America’s future. Making the case that Obama must be a one-term president, Obama’s America reveals what unchecked power will do to this great nation—and is a must-read for anyone who cares about America and her future.

America Goes Green An Encyclopedia of Eco Friendly Culture in the United States 3 volumes

Filename: america-goes-green-an-encyclopedia-of-eco-friendly-culture-in-the-united-states-3-volumes.pdf
ISBN: 9781598846584
Release Date: 2012-11-12
Number of pages: 1297
Author: Kim Kennedy White
Publisher: ABC-CLIO

Download and read online America Goes Green An Encyclopedia of Eco Friendly Culture in the United States 3 volumes in PDF and EPUB This three-volume encyclopedia explores the evolution of green ideology and eco-friendly practices in contemporary American culture, ranging from the creation of regional and national guidelines for green living to the publication of an increasing number of environmental blogs written from the layperson's perspective. • Sidebars that highlight key figures, events, companies, products, turning points, biographies, debates, cultural highlights, and trends • A glossary containing 90 terms related to green practices • 45 primary documents that provide readers with tips and legislation on green and eco-friendly living • A listing of detailed green resources and links for additional research

Food in America The Past Present and Future of Food Farming and the Family Meal 3 volumes

Filename: food-in-america-the-past-present-and-future-of-food-farming-and-the-family-meal-3-volumes.pdf
ISBN: 9781610698597
Release Date: 2017-02-28
Number of pages: 1192
Author: Andrew F. Smith
Publisher: ABC-CLIO

Download and read online Food in America The Past Present and Future of Food Farming and the Family Meal 3 volumes in PDF and EPUB This three-volume work examines all facets of the modern U.S. food system, including the nation's most important food and agriculture laws, the political forces that shape modern food policy, and the food production trends that are directly impacting the lives of every American family. • Examines a breadth of contemporary food controversies and offers diverse viewpoints on them, placing these perspectives fairly into a broader historical context • Presents a multidisciplinary approach to the subject of food that highlights related issues in transportation, business, diet and nutrition, public health, the environment, and public policy • Includes primary documents that illuminate important laws, policies, and perspectives on the environmental, public health, and economic impact of food • Provides readers with the latest information about food controversies as well as extensive resources for further study on major food controversies