Following the Wild Bees

Filename: following-the-wild-bees.pdf
ISBN: 9781400880331
Release Date: 2016-05-03
Number of pages: 184
Author: Thomas D. Seeley
Publisher: Princeton University Press

Download and read online Following the Wild Bees in PDF and EPUB Following the Wild Bees is a delightful foray into the pastime of bee hunting, an exhilarating outdoor activity that used to be practiced widely but which few people know about today. Thomas Seeley, a world authority on honey bees, vividly describes the history and science behind this lost pastime and how anyone can do it. Following the Wild Bees is both a unique meditation on the pleasures of the natural world and a guide to the ingenious methods that compose the craft of the bee hunter. Seeley explains how one finds a patch of flowers humming with honey bees, captures and sumptuously feeds the bees, and then releases and follows them, step-by-step in whatever direction they fly, back to their secret residence in a hollow tree, old building, or abandoned hive. The bee hunter's reward is a thrilling encounter with nature that challenges mind and body while also giving new insights into the remarkable behavior of honey bees living in the wild. Drawing on decades of experience as a bee hunter and bee biologist, Seeley weaves informative discussions of the biology of wild honey bees with colorful historical anecdotes, personal insights, and beautiful photos. Whether you're a bee enthusiast or just curious about the natural world, Following the Wild Bees is the ideal companion for newcomers to bee hunting and a rare treat for armchair naturalists.

Honeybee Democracy

Filename: honeybee-democracy.pdf
ISBN: 9781400835959
Release Date: 2010-09-20
Number of pages: 280
Author: Thomas D. Seeley
Publisher: Princeton University Press

Download and read online Honeybee Democracy in PDF and EPUB Honeybees make decisions collectively--and democratically. Every year, faced with the life-or-death problem of choosing and traveling to a new home, honeybees stake everything on a process that includes collective fact-finding, vigorous debate, and consensus building. In fact, as world-renowned animal behaviorist Thomas Seeley reveals, these incredible insects have much to teach us when it comes to collective wisdom and effective decision making. A remarkable and richly illustrated account of scientific discovery, Honeybee Democracy brings together, for the first time, decades of Seeley's pioneering research to tell the amazing story of house hunting and democratic debate among the honeybees. In the late spring and early summer, as a bee colony becomes overcrowded, a third of the hive stays behind and rears a new queen, while a swarm of thousands departs with the old queen to produce a daughter colony. Seeley describes how these bees evaluate potential nest sites, advertise their discoveries to one another, engage in open deliberation, choose a final site, and navigate together--as a swirling cloud of bees--to their new home. Seeley investigates how evolution has honed the decision-making methods of honeybees over millions of years, and he considers similarities between the ways that bee swarms and primate brains process information. He concludes that what works well for bees can also work well for people: any decision-making group should consist of individuals with shared interests and mutual respect, a leader's influence should be minimized, debate should be relied upon, diverse solutions should be sought, and the majority should be counted on for a dependable resolution. An impressive exploration of animal behavior, Honeybee Democracy shows that decision-making groups, whether honeybee or human, can be smarter than even the smartest individuals in them.

Honeybee Ecology

Filename: honeybee-ecology.pdf
ISBN: 9781400857876
Release Date: 2014-07-14
Number of pages: 214
Author: Thomas D. Seeley
Publisher: Princeton University Press

Download and read online Honeybee Ecology in PDF and EPUB The book presents honeybees as a model system for investigating advanced social life among insects from an evolutionary perspective. Originally published in 1985. The Princeton Legacy Library uses the latest print-on-demand technology to again make available previously out-of-print books from the distinguished backlist of Princeton University Press. These editions preserve the original texts of these important books while presenting them in durable paperback and hardcover editions. The goal of the Princeton Legacy Library is to vastly increase access to the rich scholarly heritage found in the thousands of books published by Princeton University Press since its founding in 1905.

Hunting wild bees

Filename: hunting-wild-bees.pdf
ISBN: CORNELL:31924002146151
Release Date: 1980
Number of pages: 184
Author: Robert E. Donovan
Publisher: Winchester Pr

Download and read online Hunting wild bees in PDF and EPUB Relates the skills and methods used in locating, capturing, and transporting wild bees back to a managed hive and reviews the process for rendering honey and beeswax

The World History of Beekeeping and Honey Hunting

Filename: the-world-history-of-beekeeping-and-honey-hunting.pdf
ISBN: 9781136746697
Release Date: 2013-08-16
Number of pages: 720
Author: Ethel Eva Crane
Publisher: Routledge

Download and read online The World History of Beekeeping and Honey Hunting in PDF and EPUB This definitive work by world-renowned bee authority Eva Crane offers a fascinating account of bees and their complex relations with both humans and animals. Comprehensive, absorbing, and lavishly illustrated, this scholarly, yet accessible volume explores how bees, honey and other bee products have been gathered and utilized throughout the world. Beginning with the rock paintings of the Mesolithic cave dwellers, readers will learn about the variety of methods used by human beekeepers, the stratagems used by animal honey-hunters, and the multitude of products humans have derived from bees. The first in-depth book on the subject, the World History of Beekeeping and Honey-Hunting is the ultimate work on bees for scholars in biology and the life sciences, professional and amateur beekeepers, and anyone who is interested in bees or the collection of honey.

Wisdom of the Bees

Filename: wisdom-of-the-bees.pdf
ISBN: 9780880109055
Release Date: 2010-11-01
Number of pages:
Author: Erik Berrevoets
Publisher: SteinerBooks

Download and read online Wisdom of the Bees in PDF and EPUB

The Five Habits of Highly Effective Honeybees and What We Can Learn from Them

Filename: the-five-habits-of-highly-effective-honeybees-and-what-we-can-learn-from-them.pdf
ISBN: 9781400841165
Release Date: 2010-09-20
Number of pages: 18
Author: Thomas D. Seeley
Publisher: Princeton University Press

Download and read online The Five Habits of Highly Effective Honeybees and What We Can Learn from Them in PDF and EPUB Studies of animal behavior have often been invoked to help explain and even guide human behavior. Think of Pavlov and his dogs or Goodall and her chimps. But, as these examples indicate, the tendency has been to focus on "higher," more cognitively developed, and thus, it is thought, more intelligent creatures than mindless, robotic insects. Not so! Learn here how honeybees work together to form a collective intelligence and even how they make decisions democratically. The wizzzzdom of crowds indeed! Here are five habits of effective groups that we can learn from these clever honeybees. Princeton Shorts are brief selections excerpted from influential Princeton University Press publications produced exclusively in eBook format. They are selected with the firm belief that while the original work remains an important and enduring product, sometimes we can all benefit from a quick take on a topic worthy of a longer book. In a world where every second counts, how better to stay up-to speed on current events and digest the kernels of wisdom found in the great works of the past? Princeton Shorts enables you to be an instant expert in a world where information is everywhere but quality is at a premium. The Five Habits of Highly Effective Honeybees (and What We Can Learn from Them) does just that.

Silent Sparks

Filename: silent-sparks.pdf
ISBN: 9781400880317
Release Date: 2016-04-26
Number of pages: 240
Author: Sara Lewis
Publisher: Princeton University Press

Download and read online Silent Sparks in PDF and EPUB For centuries, the beauty of fireflies has evoked wonder and delight. Yet for most of us, fireflies remain shrouded in mystery: How do fireflies make their light? What are they saying with their flashing? And what do fireflies look for in a mate? In Silent Sparks, noted biologist and firefly expert Sara Lewis dives into the fascinating world of fireflies and reveals the most up-to-date discoveries about these beloved insects. From the meadows of New England and the hills of the Great Smoky Mountains, to the rivers of Japan and mangrove forests of Malaysia, this beautifully illustrated and accessible book uncovers the remarkable, dramatic stories of birth, courtship, romance, sex, deceit, poison, and death among fireflies. The nearly two thousand species of fireflies worldwide have evolved in different ways—and while most mate through the aerial language of blinking lights, not all do. Lewis introduces us to fireflies that don't light up at all, relying on wind-borne perfumes to find mates, and we encounter glow-worm fireflies, whose plump, wingless females never fly. We go behind the scenes to meet inquisitive scientists who have dedicated their lives to understanding fireflies, and we learn about various modern threats including light pollution and habitat destruction. In the last section of the book, Lewis provides a field guide for North American fireflies, enabling us to identify them in our own backyards and neighborhoods. This concise, handy guide includes distinguishing features, habits, and range maps for the most commonly encountered fireflies, as well as a gear list. A passionate exploration of one of the world's most charismatic and admired insects, Silent Sparks will inspire us to reconnect with the natural world.

Diagnosing Bee Mites

Filename: diagnosing-bee-mites.pdf
ISBN: 1908904593
Release Date: 2014-07-31
Number of pages: 66
Author: D. Sammataro

Download and read online Diagnosing Bee Mites in PDF and EPUB

The how to do it book of beekeeping

Filename: the-how-to-do-it-book-of-beekeeping.pdf
ISBN: CORNELL:31924084887219
Release Date: 1980
Number of pages: 252
Author: Richard Taylor
Publisher: Linden Publishers

Download and read online The how to do it book of beekeeping in PDF and EPUB

Save the Bees with Natural Backyard Hives

Filename: save-the-bees-with-natural-backyard-hives.pdf
ISBN: 9781624141577
Release Date: 2015-11-10
Number of pages: 192
Author: Rob McFarland
Publisher: Page Street Publishing

Download and read online Save the Bees with Natural Backyard Hives in PDF and EPUB Save the Bees with Natural, Chemical-Free Beekeeping Rob and Chelsea McFarland first started caring for bees, then founded the nonprofit HoneyLove, to meet a need often heard today - we've got to save the bees. For more than two decades, honeybee colonies have steadily declined around the world. Bees and other pollinators are one of the most critical components of our food supply - if they disappear, so do we. You can make a difference by becoming a natural, treatment-free beekeeper right in your backyard. Save the Bees offers different, easy and healthier ways to keep your own hive! Rob and Chelsea share all the wisdom from this ancient practice in a way that is fresh, modern and easy for anyone to do. Along the way, they bust up some common bee myths: - You don't need to spend thousands of dollars on equipment. They tell you the most essential tools you need to get started and what you can make yourself. - You don't need any chemicals, pesticides or supplements to keep your bees healthy. Rob and Chelsea tell you how to recognize and maintain a healthy hive and how to save a failing one. The treatment-free way is not just a way to keep bees; it's the best way - good for you, the bees and the world. Save the Bees breaks down the complexity of beekeeping so you can learn step-by-step how to acquire a colony, care for it and reap the reward - that incredibly delicious, all-natural, chemical-free, unprocessed, sweet, sweet honey. Not to mention you'll be welcomed into the quirky, amazing and fun family of beekeepers around the world. So get on board and let's save some bees.

Bee Time

Filename: bee-time.pdf
ISBN: 9780674503915
Release Date: 2014-10-06
Number of pages: 293
Author: Mark L. Winston
Publisher: Harvard University Press

Download and read online Bee Time in PDF and EPUB Being among bees is a full-body experience, Mark Winston writes. Bee Time presents his reflections on three decades spent studying these remarkable creatures, and on the lessons they can teach about how humans might better interact with one another and the natural world, from the boardroom to urban design to agricultural ecosystems.

At the Hive Entrance

Filename: at-the-hive-entrance.pdf
ISBN: 1502864703
Release Date: 2014-10-16
Number of pages: 67
Author: H. Storch
Publisher: CreateSpace

Download and read online At the Hive Entrance in PDF and EPUB At the Hive Entrance by H. STORCH. OBSERVATION HANDBOOK. "How to know what happens inside the hive by observation on the outside" English Version. You may want to also consider the book called "Nine Lectures on Bees" by Rudolf Steiner.

The Dancing Bees

Filename: the-dancing-bees.pdf
ISBN: 9780226021058
Release Date: 2016-05-10
Number of pages: 304
Author: Tania Munz
Publisher: University of Chicago Press

Download and read online The Dancing Bees in PDF and EPUB We think of bees as being among the busiest workers in the garden, admiring them for their productivity. But amid their buzzing, they are also great communicators—and unusual dancers. As Karl von Frisch (1886–1982) discovered during World War II, bees communicate the location of food sources to each other through complex circle and waggle dances. For centuries, beekeepers had observed these curious movements in hives, and others had speculated about the possibility of a bee language used to manage the work of the hive. But it took von Frisch to determine that the bees’ dances communicated precise information about the distance and direction of food sources. As Tania Munz shows in this exploration of von Frisch’s life and research, this important discovery came amid the tense circumstances of the Third Reich. The Dancing Bees draws on previously unexplored archival sources in order to reveal von Frisch’s full story, including how the Nazi government in 1940 determined that he was one-quarter Jewish, revoked his teaching privileges, and sought to prevent him from working altogether until circumstances intervened. In the 1940s, bee populations throughout Europe were facing the devastating effects of a plague (just as they are today), and because the bees were essential to the pollination of crops, von Frisch’s research was deemed critical to maintaining the food supply of a nation at war. The bees, as von Frisch put it years later, saved his life. Munz not only explores von Frisch’s complicated career in the Third Reich, she looks closely at the legacy of his work and the later debates about the significance of the bee language and the science of animal communication. This first in-depth biography of von Frisch paints a complex and nuanced portrait of a scientist at work under Nazi rule. The Dancing Bees will be welcomed by anyone seeking to better understand not only this chapter of the history of science but also the peculiar waggles of our garden visitors.

If Bees Are Few

Filename: if-bees-are-few.pdf
ISBN: 0816698066
Release Date: 2016-05-01
Number of pages: 300
Author: James P. Lenfestey

Download and read online If Bees Are Few in PDF and EPUB It is said there are 20,000 species of bees, a genus 50 million years old, but in the fertile imagination of the world's poets, there is no beginning or end to the bee buzz. Virgil wrote of bees, as did Rumi, Shakespeare, Burns, Coleridge, Emerson, Mandelstam, Neruda, Whitman--a lyrical hum heard well into the twentieth and twenty-first centuries in poems by Yeats, Lawrence, Plath, Mary Oliver, Carol Ann Duffy, Naomi Shihab Nye, and Sherman Alexie, among many others. The title of this book is from Emily Dickinson: To make a prairie it takes a clover and one bee, / One clover, and a bee, / And revery. / The revery alone will do / If bees are few. Her conclusion resonates with a terrible poignancy today, as bees are indeed becoming few--hives collapsing, wild species disappearing. Amid this crisis, the poems collected here speak with a quiet urgency of a world lost if bees were to fall silent. If anyone can save the bees, it is entomologist Dr. Marla Spivak and the hive of bee scientists and beekeepers at the Bee Lab at the University of Minnesota. A portion of the author proceeds from this anthology will be donated to support research at the Bee Lab.