Cry of the Kalahari

Filename: cry-of-the-kalahari.pdf
ISBN: 9780544341647
Release Date: 2014-04-22
Number of pages: 384
Author: Mark James Owens
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

Download and read online Cry of the Kalahari in PDF and EPUB This is the story of the Owens’ travel and life in the Kalahari Desert. Here they met and studied unique animals and were confronted with danger from drought, fire, storms, and the animals they loved. This best-selling book is for both travelers and animal lovers.

Cry of the Kalahari

Filename: cry-of-the-kalahari.pdf
ISBN: 0395647800
Release Date: 1984
Number of pages: 341
Author: Mark Owens
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

Download and read online Cry of the Kalahari in PDF and EPUB This account of the author's seven-year stay in Africa's Kalahari wilderness covers their adventures of survival, their contact with curious and dangerous animals, and the establishment of their conservation research project

Secrets of the Savanna

Filename: secrets-of-the-savanna.pdf
ISBN: 0547527152
Release Date: 2007-07-17
Number of pages: 256
Author: Mark James Owens
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

Download and read online Secrets of the Savanna in PDF and EPUB In this riveting real-life adventure, Mark and Delia Owens tell the dramatic story of their last years in Africa, fighting to save elephants, villagers, and -- in the end -- themselves. The award-winning zoologists and pioneering conservationists describe their work in the remote and ruggedly beautiful Luangwa Valley, in northeastern Zambia. There they studied the mysteries of the elephant population’s recovery after poaching, discovering remarkable similarities between humans and elephants. A young elephant named Gift provided the clue to help them crack the animals’ secret of survival. A stirring portrait of life in Africa, Secrets of the Savanna is a remarkable record of the Owenses' unique passions.


Filename: kalahari.pdf
ISBN: 9780698151048
Release Date: 2015-02-24
Number of pages: 368
Author: Jessica Khoury
Publisher: Penguin

Download and read online Kalahari in PDF and EPUB Deep in the Kalahari Desert, a Corpus lab protects a dangerous secret… But what happens when that secret takes on a life of its own? When an educational safari goes wrong, five teens find themselves stranded in the Kalahari Desert without a guide. It’s up to Sarah, the daughter of zoologists, to keep them alive and lead them to safety, calling on survival know-how from years of growing up in remote and exotic locales. Battling dehydration, starvation and the pangs of first love, she does her best to hold it together, even as their circumstances grow increasingly desperate. But soon a terrifying encounter makes Sarah question everything she’s ever known about the natural world. A silver lion, as though made of mercury, makes a vicious, unprovoked attack on the group. After a narrow escape, they uncover the chilling truth behind the lion’s silver sheen: a highly contagious and deadly virus that threatens to ravage the entire area—and eliminate life as they know it. In this breathtaking new novel by the acclaimed author of Origin and Vitro, Sarah and the others must not only outrun the virus, but its creators, who will stop at nothing to wipe every trace of it.

The Eye of the Elephant

Filename: the-eye-of-the-elephant.pdf
ISBN: 9780547524665
Release Date: 1993-10-29
Number of pages: 320
Author: Mark James Owens
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

Download and read online The Eye of the Elephant in PDF and EPUB Expelled from Botswana for writing Cry of the Kalahari, the Owenses set off across Africa. They settled in Zambia, where they soon found their peace shattered by the gunfire of elephant poachers. This is the story of the couple's battle to save the elephants and their own lives.

Lost City of the Kalahari

Filename: lost-city-of-the-kalahari.pdf
ISBN: UOM:39015064911541
Release Date: 2005
Number of pages: 60
Author: Alan Paton
Publisher: University of Kwazulu Natal Press

Download and read online Lost City of the Kalahari in PDF and EPUB In 1956 seven amateur adventurers set off from Natal in a decrepit 5-ton truck on "the craziest expedition ever to enter the unknown". Its goal: "to make archaeological history" by locating a mythical Lost City in a remote range of mountains deep in the Kalahari Desert. Lost City of the Kalahari is Paton's hitherto unpublished account of the odd adventure.

Survivor s Song

Filename: survivor-s-song.pdf
ISBN: 0006380964
Release Date: 1992
Number of pages: 305
Author: Delia Owens
Publisher: Harpercollins Pub Limited

Download and read online Survivor s Song in PDF and EPUB The sequel to Cry of the Kalahari, this book takes up where the first began, with the Owenses returning to the Kalahari to continue their study of elephants. After deportation because of their open criticism of the government's soft stance on wildlife conservation, they find their way back to their research station to discover the remains of hundreds of poached elephants. Thus they begin a long struggle to raise consciousness about preservation among the officials, who live off black market ivory, and the villagers, who depend on elephant meat for food. Mark's obsession with catching the poachers leads to vicious confrontations and to intense strain in his relationship with Delia.

The Lost World Of The Kalahari

Filename: the-lost-world-of-the-kalahari.pdf
ISBN: 9781407073125
Release Date: 2010-05-25
Number of pages: 256
Author: Laurens Van Der Post
Publisher: Random House

Download and read online The Lost World Of The Kalahari in PDF and EPUB Laurens van der Post was fascinated and appalled at the fate of this remarkable people. Ostracised by all the changing face of African cultural life they retreated deep into the Kalahari desert. His fascinating attempt to capture their way of life and the secrets of their ancient heritage provide captivating reading and a unique insight into a forgotten way of life.

When a Gene Makes You Smell Like a Fish

Filename: when-a-gene-makes-you-smell-like-a-fish.pdf
ISBN: 0199716722
Release Date: 2007-06-08
Number of pages: 240
Author: Lisa Seachrist Chiu
Publisher: Oxford University Press

Download and read online When a Gene Makes You Smell Like a Fish in PDF and EPUB From the gene that causes people to age prematurely to the "bitter gene" that may spawn broccoli haters, this book explores a few of the more exotic locales on the human genome, highlighting some of the tragic and bizarre ways our bodies go wrong when genes fall prey to mutation and the curious ways in which genes have evolved for our survival. Lisa Seachrist Chiu has a smorgasbord of stories to tell about rare and not so rare genetic quirks. We read about the Dracula Gene, a mutation in zebra fish that causes blood cells to explode on contact with light, and suites of genes that also influence behavior and physical characteristics; the Tangier Island Gene, first discovered after physicians discovered a boy with orange tonsils (scientists now realize that the child's odd condition comes from an inability to process cholesterol); and Wilson's Disease, a gene defect that fails to clear copper from the body, which can trigger schizophrenia and other neurological symptoms, and can be fatal if left untreated. Friendlier mutations include the Myostatin gene, which allows muscles to become much larger than usual and enhances strength and the much-envied Cheeseburger Gene, which allows a lucky few to eat virtually anything they want and remain razor thin. While fascinating us with stories of genetic peculiarities, Chiu also manages to effortlessly explain much of the cutting-edge research in modern genetics, resulting in a book that is both informative and entertaining. It is a must read for everyone who loves popular science or is curious about the human body.


Filename: nisa.pdf
ISBN: 9780674043596
Release Date: 2009-06-30
Number of pages: 384
Author: Marjorie Shostak
Publisher: Harvard University Press

Download and read online Nisa in PDF and EPUB This book is the story of the life of Nisa, a member of the !Kung tribe of hunter-gatherers from southern Africa's Kalahari desert. Told in her own words--earthy, emotional, vivid--to Marjorie Shostak, a Harvard anthropologist who succeeded, with Nisa's collaboration, in breaking through the immense barriers of language and culture, the story is a fascinating view of a remarkable woman.

Never Cry Wolf

Filename: never-cry-wolf.pdf
ISBN: 9781504014137
Release Date: 2015-08-04
Number of pages: 170
Author: Farley Mowat
Publisher: Open Road Media

Download and read online Never Cry Wolf in PDF and EPUB This international bestseller that changed the way we look at wolves “opens new horizons in understanding animal nature and intelligence” (Newsday). In 1948, Farley Mowat landed in the far north of Manitoba, Canada, a young biologist sent to investigate the region’s dwindling population of caribou. Many people thought that the caribous’ conspicuous decline had been caused by the tundra’s most notorious predator: the wolf. Alone among the howling canine packs, Mowat expected to find the bloodthirsty beasts of popular conception. Instead, over the course of a summer spent observing the powerful animals, Mowat discovered an animal species with a remarkable capacity for loyalty, virtue, and playfulness. Praised for its humor and engrossing narrative, Never Cry Wolf describes a group of wolves whose interactions and behaviors seem strikingly similar to our own. Mowat humanizes these animals that have long been demonized, turning the widespread narrative of the “savage wolf” on its head and inspiring many governments to enact protective legislation for the North’s most mysterious creature.

Dawn Over the Kalahari

Filename: dawn-over-the-kalahari.pdf
ISBN: 9186528106
Release Date: 2011
Number of pages: 267
Author: Lasse Berg

Download and read online Dawn Over the Kalahari in PDF and EPUB

Whatever You Do Don t Run

Filename: whatever-you-do-don-t-run.pdf
ISBN: 9781493010998
Release Date: 2014-06-03
Number of pages: 272
Author: Peter Allison
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

Download and read online Whatever You Do Don t Run in PDF and EPUB A hilarious, highly original collection of essays based on the Botswana truism: “only food runs!” With a new introduction and new material from the author In the tradition of Bill Bryson, a new writer brings us the lively adventures and biting wit of an African safari guide. Peter Allison gives us the guide’s-eye view of living in the bush, confronting the world’s fiercest terrain of wild animals and, most challenging of all, managing herds of gaping tourists. Passionate for the animals of the Kalahari, Allison works as a top safari guide in the wildlife-rich Okavango Delta. As he serves the whims of his wealthy clients, he often has to stop the impulse to run as far away from them as he can, as these tourists are sometimes more dangerous than a pride of lions. No one could make up these outrageous-but-true tales: the young woman who rejected the recommended safari-friendly khaki to wear a more “fashionable” hot pink ensemble; the lost tourist who happened to be drunk, half-naked, and a member of the British royal family; establishing a real friendship with the continent’s most vicious animal; the Japanese tourist who requested a repeat performance of Allison’s being charged by a lion so he could videotape it; and spending a crazy night in the wild after blowing a tire on a tour bus, revealing that Allison has as much good-natured scorn for himself. The author’s humor is exceeded only by his love and respect for the animals, and his goal is to limit any negative exposure to humans by planning trips that are minimally invasive—unfortunately it doesn’t always work out that way! New story: People often ask safari guides about the experience that frightened them the most. In this story Peter Allison tells of the time he became aware of unseen danger, and knew that somewhere within meters of him was a hunting lioness. Peter Allison is originally from Sydney, Australia. His safaris have been featured in National Geographic, Conde Nast Traveler, and on television programs such as Jack Hanna’s Animal Adventures. He travels frequently to speaking appearances, and splits most of his time between Botswana, Sydney, and San Francisco.


Filename: okavango.pdf
ISBN: 3836534150
Release Date: 2012
Number of pages: 251
Author: Frans Lanting
Publisher: Taschen America Llc

Download and read online Okavango in PDF and EPUB Botswana, many say, represents the last of Old Africa. For a year, between 1988 and 1989, the author roamed the wetlands and deserts of northern Botswana. This book is a testament not only to the wondrous wildlife of the region, but also to the author's extraordinary courage, skill, and photographic eye.

The Trouble with Africa

Filename: the-trouble-with-africa.pdf
ISBN: 9780143027218
Release Date: 2012-09-28
Number of pages:
Author: Vic Guhrs
Publisher: Penguin UK

Download and read online The Trouble with Africa in PDF and EPUB German-born artist Vic Guhrs came to Africa at the age of twenty-two to fulfil his boyhood dream of a life in wild places among wild animals. He lived for twenty-five years in an isolated bush camp in the Luangwa Valley in Zambia and knows that, despite its paradoxes and its mysteries, he can never leave Africa. The trouble with Africa, he says, is that once it is in your blood, like malaria, it is almost impossible to get rid of. And the trouble with Africa is also the trouble with those of us who settle here: as long as we insist on judging it from a Western perspective, we will be the outsiders - we will be forever baffled by it. The complexities of African attitudes that seem to confound us are perhaps not so complex after all; it is their very simplicity that we fail to understand. On the road to our civilised enlightenment have we lost the ability to see life in its most fundamental essence?