Beer Tasting Quick Reference Guide

Filename: beer-tasting-quick-reference-guide.pdf
ISBN: 9781452113951
Release Date: 2012-01-27
Number of pages: 48
Author: Jeff Alworth
Publisher: Chronicle Books

Download and read online Beer Tasting Quick Reference Guide in PDF and EPUB Here's a fun guide to discover the nuances of artisan beers from lagers and ales to porters and stouts. Tasting profiles from the booklet get the ball rolling—they break down beer into style categories and include information on each variety's background, flavors, aromas, and unique character.

The Beer Bible

Filename: the-beer-bible.pdf
ISBN: 0606365648
Release Date: 2015-08-11
Number of pages: 720
Author: Jeff Alworth

Download and read online The Beer Bible in PDF and EPUB It's finally here--the comprehensive, authoritative book that does for beer what The Wine Bible, with 550,000 copies in print, does for wine. Written by an expert from the West Coast, where America's craft beer movement got its start, The Beer Bible

Tasting Beer 2nd Edition

Filename: tasting-beer-2nd-edition.pdf
ISBN: 9781612127781
Release Date: 2017-04-04
Number of pages: 376
Author: Randy Mosher
Publisher: Storey Publishing

Download and read online Tasting Beer 2nd Edition in PDF and EPUB This completely updated second edition of the best-selling beer resource features the most current information on beer styles, flavor profiles, sensory evaluation guidelines, craft beer trends, food and beer pairings, and draft beer systems. You’ll learn to identify the scents, colors, flavors, mouth-feel, and vocabulary of the major beer styles — including ales, lagers, weissbeirs, and Belgian beers — and develop a more nuanced understanding of your favorite brews with in-depth sections on recent developments in the science of taste. Spirited drinkers will also enjoy the new section on beer cocktails that round out this comprehensive volume.

The Oxford Companion to Beer

Filename: the-oxford-companion-to-beer.pdf
ISBN: 9780195367133
Release Date: 2011-09-09
Number of pages: 920
Author: Garrett Oliver
Publisher: OUP USA

Download and read online The Oxford Companion to Beer in PDF and EPUB "Features more than 1,100 A-Z entries written by 166 of the world's most prominent beer experts"--Provided by publisher.

Great Beer Guide

Filename: great-beer-guide.pdf
ISBN: 0789451565
Release Date: 2000-01
Number of pages: 544
Author: Michael Jackson
Publisher: Dk Pub

Download and read online Great Beer Guide in PDF and EPUB This user's guide to beer explains everything you need to know about beer – from beer drinking etiquette to correct ways to pour and appreciate different beers. Author Michael Jackson's eloquent writing style is complemented by beautiful photography.

Beer For Dummies

Filename: beer-for-dummies.pdf
ISBN: 9781118268438
Release Date: 2011-12-02
Number of pages: 360
Author: Marty Nachel
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

Download and read online Beer For Dummies in PDF and EPUB The fun and friendly guide to all things beer Beer has always been one of the world's most popular beverages; but recently, people have embraced the rich complexities of beer's many varieties. Now, with Beer For Dummies you can quickly and enjoyably educate your palate—from recognizing the characteristics of ales, lagers, and other beer styles to understanding how to taste and evaluate beer. The author, a beer connoisseur, shares his own expertise on this subject, revealing his picks for the best beer festivals, tastings, and events around the world as well as his simple tips for pouring, storing, and drinking beer like an expert brewmeister. New coverage on the various styles of beer found around the world including: real ale, barrel aged/wood aged beer, organic brews, and extreme beer Updated profiles on the flavor and body of each beer, explaining why beers taste the way they do, as well as their strengths and ideal serving temperatures How to spot the best beers by looking at the bottle, label, and a properly poured beer in its ideal glass The essentials on beer-and-food pairings and the best ways to introduce beer into your cooking repertoire From information on ingredients like hops, malt, and barley to the differences between lagers and ales, this friendly guide gives you all the information you need to select and appreciate your next brew.

How to Brew

Filename: how-to-brew.pdf
ISBN: 9780984075607
Release Date: 2006-05-17
Number of pages: 400
Author: John J. Palmer
Publisher: Brewers Publications

Download and read online How to Brew in PDF and EPUB Everything needed to brew beer right the first time. Presented in a light-hearted style without frivolous interruptions, this authoritative text introduces brewing in a easy step-by-step review.

Cider Made Simple

Filename: cider-made-simple.pdf
ISBN: 9781452143491
Release Date: 2015-09-15
Number of pages: 176
Author: Jeff Alworth
Publisher: Chronicle Books

Download and read online Cider Made Simple in PDF and EPUB Cider has become the new "it" drink, with a wide range of styles popping up on restaurant menus and at neighborhood bars everywhere. Sweet, tart, sparkling, still—cider has many wonderful (and sometimes unexpected) qualities. But how to choose? For this gateway guide, author Jeff Alworth traveled to France, England, Spain, Canada, and the United States, asking questions and drinking every variety of cider he could find, resulting in a compact yet comprehensive overview. An ideal introduction to this complex and always refreshing beverage, Cider Made Simple will give imbibers the tools they need to choose the cider that's right for them.

The Secrets of Master Brewers

Filename: the-secrets-of-master-brewers.pdf
ISBN: 9781612126555
Release Date: 2017-03-21
Number of pages: 304
Author: Jeff Alworth
Publisher: Storey Publishing

Download and read online The Secrets of Master Brewers in PDF and EPUB Best-selling author Jeff Alworth takes serious beer aficionados on a behind-the-scenes tour of 26 major European and North American breweries that create some of the world’s most classic beers. Learn how the Irish make stout, the secrets of traditional Czech pilsner, and what makes English cask ale unique by delving deep into the specific techniques, equipment, and geographical factors that shape these distinctive styles. Contemporary brewers carrying on their traditions share insider knowledge and 26 original recipes to guide experienced homebrewers in developing your own special versions of each style.

Cheese Beer

Filename: cheese-beer.pdf
ISBN: 9781449431419
Release Date: 2013-04-16
Number of pages: 144
Author: Janet Fletcher
Publisher: Andrews McMeel Publishing

Download and read online Cheese Beer in PDF and EPUB Gourmand Awards winner---Beer category, USA. "Like a lot of cheese experts, I'm convinced that the ultimate companion to cheese is, and always will be, great craft beer. Don't believe me? Try it for yourself. This beautiful, well-researched and tastefully written tome is the perfect accompaniment to your journey. Cheers!"---Greg Koch, CEO & Co-Founder, Stone Brewing Co. / Stone Brewing World Bistro & Gardens "The rise in cheese connoisseurship has coincided with a delicious growth in quality beer appreciation. Janet draws on her keen palate to describe nuances in the many different beer styles and then recommends great cheese partners for each category. Cheese & Beer is an excellent guide that explains how different beers are crafted and what gives these different types their synergies with superior cheeses."---Max McCalman, author, Mastering Cheese Cheese & Beer capitalizes on the rapidly growing audience for craft beer in the U.S. and the enthusiasm these passionate beer fans have for good cheese. Enhanced by the author's reputation as a journalist and cheese authority, the book fills a wide-open niche for consumer guidance in pairing craft beer and cheese. The beer enthusiast who wants to know which cheeses to pair with an IPA, porter or Trappist ale can easily find a recommendation. Each style entry includes: Style Notes: a description of that beer style---what defines it from the brewer's perspective, and what to expect from the beverage in the glass. Beers to Try: Several recommended craft beers in that style, both domestic and imported. Some of the breweries included from across the country are: Boulevard Brewing (Kansas City, MO), Allagash Brewing (Portland, ME), Brooklyn Brewery (Brooklyn, NY), Firestone Walker (Paso Robles CA), Great Divide (Denver, CO), and Rogue Ales (Newport OR). Cheese Affinities: In general terms, what types of cheeses pair well with that style and why. Cheeses to Try: Brief profiles of three well-distributed cheeses (domestic and imported) specifically recommended for that style and why More Cheeses to Try: A list of other cheeses to pair with that beer style—so that every reader should be able to find at least a couple of the recommended cheeses The introductory chapter includes general advice on pairing cheese and beer; and on selecting, storing and presenting cheese. Six themed platters give readers ideas for entertaining with beer and cheese.

The Homebrewer s Almanac A Seasonal Guide to Making Your Own Beer from Scratch

Filename: the-homebrewer-s-almanac-a-seasonal-guide-to-making-your-own-beer-from-scratch.pdf
ISBN: 9781581575613
Release Date: 2016-09-13
Number of pages: 256
Author: Marika Josephson
Publisher: The Countryman Press

Download and read online The Homebrewer s Almanac A Seasonal Guide to Making Your Own Beer from Scratch in PDF and EPUB The complete resource for brewing beer with farmed and foraged ingredients, featuring over 50 recipes Forget hops: The revolution in craft beer is taking place in gardens, farmer’s markets, and deep in the woods outside rural towns across the country. It’s beer that offers a sense of place, incorporating locally sourced and seasonally harvested ingredients into traditional (and untraditional) farmhouse-style beers. The Homebrewer's Almanacis a practical guide for those who are interested in incorporating fresh and foraged ingredients into their beer, written by the brewers of one of the country’s hottest new breweries. Recipes include: Sweet Potato Vienna Lager Chanterelle Mushroom Saison Nettle Spicebush Ale Sumac Sour Ale Basil Rye Porter Each chapter offers an overview of what plants to look for in your region, as well as how to harvest and how to preserve them. A brewing guide in the modern DIY tradition with a touch of the retro farmer’s almanac, The Homebrewer's Almanac will be a staple in homebrewers’ libraries and a source of year-round inspiration.

The Naked Pint

Filename: the-naked-pint.pdf
ISBN: 9781101149225
Release Date: 2009-11-03
Number of pages: 336
Author: Christina Perozzi
Publisher: Penguin

Download and read online The Naked Pint in PDF and EPUB Read Christina Perozzi and Hallie Beaune's posts on the Penguin Blog. Move over, Merlot. Craft beer has finally found a place at the fine dining table. Renowned beer sommeliers Hallie Beaune and Christina Perozzi offer a down-to-earth guide to craft and artisanal brews that celebrates beer for what it truly is: sophisticated, complex, and flavorful. Beaune and Perozzi cover everything from beer basics to the science behind beer, food and beer pairings, home brewing, and tips for perfecting one’s palate. This edgy, no-nonsense guide exposes hidden truths, debunks every misconception, and reveals the power that comes with knowing an ale from a lager.

The Home Winemaker s Companion

Filename: the-home-winemaker-s-companion.pdf
ISBN: 9781612122274
Release Date: 2012-11-12
Number of pages: 272
Author: Ed Halloran
Publisher: Storey Publishing

Download and read online The Home Winemaker s Companion in PDF and EPUB Raise a glass of homemade burgundy and enjoy the fruits of your labor. This informative guide provides an overview of the entire home winemaking process, from the vine (or the boxed kit) to your glass. With more than 100 recipes for a wide range of delicious wines, ports, and champagnes, you’re sure to find a wine to suit your taste. Clear diagrams for setting up your equipment and fail-safe instructions ensure that your home winemaking will be a success.

An American Beer Trail

Filename: an-american-beer-trail.pdf
ISBN: 9781478768432
Release Date: 2016-01-20
Number of pages: 146
Author: Zach Stinehour
Publisher: Outskirts Press

Download and read online An American Beer Trail in PDF and EPUB Beer has traveled with America through time as this is a ride to celebrate it. Finding craft brews all over the country and experiencing the area with a beer in hand. Because beer is not just a drink. It’s that drink we share with friends, we have at the game, and have at our celebrations. So this is about traveling across the country sharing many of the stops that people know and spots you may not know about and the beers along the way. It’s not enough just to enjoy the trip but also to understand how beer has fit into society. Not an in-depth history but a general overview of some major moments in the evolution of beer. With historic notes along the way so along the trip you can learn about the journey beer has had. From ancient times to modern times beer has evolved as well. The beer evolution has over the years transformed into many different styles of today. Also how the drink has been seen and grown in popularity in America. It just hasn’t been universally accepted as a popular drink from the beginning like some seem to think it has. It’s these points through history which make the trip that much more interesting. When it comes to styles it seems there are too many to count. Instead of trying to name and define each one which is what many seem to try to do. Rather, help define many of the terms used in the styles and the general meanings to get a better idea of what brews are like. It’s not about defining a taste profile but more defining the core characteristics that make up the nomenclature and where they may draw their roots from. Then you can better enjoy the beer versus trying to measure it up to some taste standard. Most of all this is a celebration of the classic American road trip. With an eye to the craft beers which makes America unique in the brewing world. So it’s not just the mass of brewpubs in Portland or California but what you can find near the Grand Canyon or along the skyline drive on the East Coast to raise a pint. Great beers aren’t just in major cities but in small towns all across the country and no matter where you go there is likely a brewery in the area making something worth checking out. From the Great Plains, Gulf coast, or west Texas you can find something to see, experience and drink. That is what the book is about. Not just a fun ride but an experience of circling the country with a mind on area and beers you can find. It’s a call to ride with a mind for beer. Have a flight and find what you can see and learn along the way.


Filename: drinks.pdf
ISBN: 9781101992760
Release Date: 2016-09-20
Number of pages: 272
Author: Adam McDowell
Publisher: Penguin

Download and read online Drinks in PDF and EPUB Expert Drinking Made Easy This engaging guide demystifies the art of ordering, preparing, and serving wine, beer and cocktails so you can drink like a boss every time. You’ll learn how to: Equip and stock a home bar Make a flawless martini Order wine without dying a little inside Choose a delicious sparkling wine instead of springing for Champagne Buy Scotch for the boss, and for yourself Whether you’re hosting a cocktail party, attending a business lunch, or relaxing with friends at the local brewery pub, you’ll gain the confidence to know exactly what you love to drink and serve. And if you want to know how to mix an Old Fashioned on an airplane, that’s in there too. Bottoms up! From the Hardcover edition.